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Although the tradition of gift giving has a long Christmas history, those gifts being presented in colorful paper and tied up in curls of ribbon is a relatively new practice. While Christmas cards began to be sent in the mid-nineteenth century it wasn’t until many years later that dressing up presents in Christmas finery caught on.

gift wrapping paper with Christmas symbolsEarly on, gifts were wrapped in simple tissue paper and tied with white ribbon or simply wrapped in more sturdy brown paper.

In the nineteenth century, gifts were sometimes presented in decorated cornucopias or paper baskets. The technology did not exist to mass produce a decorated, foldable, paper until the 1890’s, when developments in printing presses allowed colored ink to be printed fluidly on stiffer papers. It wasn’t long after that when rotary systems allowed paper to be wrapped around cardboard rolls. Before the introduction of scotch tape in the 1930’s gifts were tied up with string and sealing wax.

Over the years the look of wrapping paper changed as well. The first wrapping paper was decorated in the ornate style of the Victorian era. Gilded flourishes of cherubs, birds, and flowers draped across sheets of popular wrapping papers.

In the 30’s and 40’s, patterns became more stylized due to the popularity of Art Deco.


wrapping paper with gilded flourishes
CRT 117

Decorated paper eventually moved away from nature and art deco to symbols we commonly associate with Christmas today.

wrapping paper with symbols of Christmas wreathsgift wrapping paper with Christmas symbols of reindeer and sleds

Popular patterns included ice skaters, snowflakes, Christmas trees, and candles.

wrapping paper with Christmas tree symbolsdecorative cards with Christmas symbols


Christmas letters with red bow
AGN 803 – AGN 781 – AGN 778

It was during these decades that Rossi’s decorative paper was born, inspired by traditional Florentine designs of the Renaissance. Later on they included contemporary alternatives featuring little details that add up to big impact: small hits of brilliant gold and silver metallic ink, finely detailed and multi-layered illustrations, delicate flourishes and stunning patterns and colors.

Paper coating with stars symbols Decorative paper with tree icons

We at Rossi1931 are truly blessed to be able to do what we love every day and share our products with you. Thank you. Have a joyous Holiday season.

boxes with decorative paper

“We wish you light snows and twinkling lights. A home alive with cookie smells. A child to play with, a dog to pet and the hope of answered prayers.”


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