Thank You Cards: The Value of Sending Thank You Cards

In our world of social media, A1, X-formerly Twitter, Facebook, emails and texts, the handwritten Thank You card seems as archaic as a dinosaur.

Not all is lost, as there are people who keep the art alive by taking the time to sit down to express their appreciation to the recipient. A handwritten card is a heartfelt acknowledgement by the sender that the recipient is important enough to warrant the sender’s time, effort, and cost to send the card.

A small business owner once said “I toss the junk mail, set aside the bills and open the handwritten envelope first, especially if I recognize the addressor on the envelope. I appreciate Thank You cards and they are kept.” Another business owner indicated, “I like to display the card on my desk, sometimes for several weeks, as a reminder someone cared enough to take the time for such a personal gesture.”

The recipient of the card has a moment of anticipation before tearing open the envelope, feeling the texture of the card, glancing at the design, and then eagerly reading the written note. This process creates an immediate feel-good emotional attachment. What a gift you bestowed upon them!

Now that you have created your uniqueness by taking valuable time from your schedule to handwrite a card, it is time to consider what is the first impression you want to convey when the recipient first sees the envelope. First impressions are especially important in the business world as it makes a statement about who you are. The envelope should be entirely handwritten – no address labels nor machine stamped postage should be on the envelope, it adds to that great impression.

Rossi offers a vast selection of Thank You cards for personal, business or formal use. There are deckled edged cards, embossed cards, theme cards, Florentine cards, monogrammed cards and cards suitable for the White House, global monarchies or Diplomatic Corps. The high quality, high cotton paper content is enriched by a particular printing process and special manufacturing, making most cards fountain pen friendly.

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