Christmas decorative papers for gift wrapping by Rossi1931
Christmas is approaching and it’s time to think about how you will wrap your wonderful gifts.
Michelangelo Italian Painter Writer and Artist
Last March was the birthday of Michelangelo. He was born 542 years ago and grew up in Florence in the late 15th century. Primarily creating paintings and sculpture for the Catholic Church, he of course, is best known for the great artistic achievements: the Sistine...
The Papery retailer in Canada for Rossi1931
There are 3 owners of The Papery in Canada and 4 stores. That does sound like a bit of a puzzle, doesn’t it?
Rossi1931 Notebooks for University
It seems ages since summer has finished and students have been spending the last weeks on a chair behind a school desk. Flows of words come out of their pens and pencils every morning, filling tons of paper sheets and notebooks with ink. How to...