Wedding Package: Designing an Elegant Wedding Package

One of our United States wholesale customers, who had an online store, decided to exclusively import precious stationery from Florence, Italy.  She shares her story how she decided to sell Italian made products on a website, yet to be created.

It started during a personal trip to Florence, Italy where she discovered the popular Florentine pattern appearing on social stationery. So enamored with the design, she purchased several boxes of the precious paper.  Afraid her purchases would be crushed in her checked luggage, she mailed home her extra clothes and shoes so she could hand carry her purchases on the plane.  Her husband said “you should sell that stationery on the internet since you like it so much.”  An absurd idea she thought, but three months later she had a website but no supplier.

Upon her return to the United States, she researched the internet, learning of the upcoming National Stationery Trade Show in New York City.  International exhibitors from around the world would be showcasing their products, and included in the exhibitor list, were several Italian firms.  Airplane ticket in hand, she flew to New York.

Her intent was to discover which Italian vendor manufactured a high-end elegant Florentine product.  Her second priority was to locate an Italian manufacturer who made professional or formal Thank You cards she could send to her insurance clients, and also sell to the insurance community.  At the National Stationery Show, she met one Italian exhibitor who fulfilled both needs – Rossi. 

She discovered Rossi’s Florentine design was a magnificent artistic modern graphic taken from the Renaissance illuminated manuscripts. Rossi’s unique design contained multi-colored scrolls, with curlicues and, enhancing the design was the presence of bronze powder that gave the illusion of gold.  Printed on 100% cotton precious paper and considered Fine Stationery by Harrods’ of London standards, at that time, she decided to offer a wedding package on her website.  Rossi called their Florentine product – Fiorenza.  She felt the Fiorenza design was exquisite and brides-to-be would enjoy its pure elegance.

Her Fiorenza wedding package recommendation was:

  • To use FZN207S as the Wedding Invitation. The rich cream-colored single heavy card stock had ample room to print the bride and groom’s names, their parents’ names, if applicable, and date, time and location of venue. There was sufficient space to print “Reception to Follow” on the bottom of the invitation.   She noted the Wedding Invitation came in a Fiorenza keepsake box of 100 and, the matching envelope, FZA207E, also came in its separate Fiorenza keepsake box of 100 and needed to be ordered separately.  The inside of the envelope was entirely lined with the matching multi-colored Fiorenza decorative gift wrap paper.
  • To use FZN208S as the Reply Card. The multi-colored Fiorenza design printed on a single heavy card stock completely matched the Wedding Invitation.  The inside of the matching envelope, FZN208E, is also lined with the Fiorenza decorative gift wrap precious paper.  Both FZN208S and FZN208E have their separate Fiorenza keepsake box of 100, and the envelope is ordered separately.

Because of the heavy card stock of the Wedding Invitation and Reply card, she advised the customer to procure a local professional printing company of their choice. 

  • She recommended the Program/Reception Information be printed on the matching precious Fiorenza stationery, FZN001. She suggested the stationery sheet be curled into a scroll, tied with raffia ribbon and handed to wedding attendees as they entered the wedding venue.   The precious stationery came in a transparent acetate gift box of 10 sheets with 10 matching lined envelopes.   
  • To continue the theme to the Wedding Reception, a Fiorenza place card, FZN006, could be positioned on the place setting, if a meal is being served, or not. To have a degree of formality, the attendee’s name in calligraphy would add a touch of class and beauty.   The cream-colored folded place card came in a package of six.
  • After the wedding and it is time to thank those who gave gifts, FZN002 was suggested as the Thank You card. A Fiorenza cream-colored double folded heavy card stock had ample space for the bride to write a lengthy thank you note if she wishes, or she could be brief.  While there was a Fiorenza single note card with “thank you” imprinted on the front of the card, it was a much smaller card allowing for a very brief note.  FZN 002 is packaged in a transparent acetate box of 10 double note cards with the inside of the envelope lined with the Fiorenza decorative gift wrap. 

Since 1931, Rossi is recognized throughout the world for its precious papers and superb craftsmanship.  Besides the famous Fiorenza design, they offer a myriad of double note cards, monogrammed note cards, Art Deco precious stationery, vintage letterpress items, journals, notepads and pencil sets, and one of the finest selections of the best Italian decorative gift wrap papers.  100% of their products are manufactured in Italy at their plant in Borgo San Lorenzo, located near Florence, Italy. Rossi’s products can be purchased throughout Europe, North America (including Canada,) and Japan.  Anyone of their vendors would be happy to design a customized Italian wedding package for the bride and groom.

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