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We love websites that feature GREAT paper… and lots of it, and this is one of the best! So, we wanted to share… and how lucky are we that they are a Rossi customer!

Mulberry Paper and More is a site for artists, designers, crafters and paper lovers of all types. They import specialty papers from around the world for use in virtually any art, design or craft application. Most of the papers are hand-made from craftsmen using traditional paper-making techniques. The selection is incredible, especially the intricate hand-silkscreened patterns of Japanese Yuzen Paper and papers marbled by hand in Thailand, India, France and Italy.

Founded in 2007 and run by Rick and Jennifer Vaughan (and their children), it is a family owned and operated e-commerce company. “Our business began originally in Jacksonville, Fla. in a small home-office with a computer and entrepreneurial zeal. We dedicated many late nights and long weekends”. Now settled back in their hometown of Denver since 2009, they run the business with the help of some great employees and “even the family dogs – Jade, Buddy and Chloe – who accompany us to work daily.”

Mulberry Paper and more, which has 2 sister stores, (The Writing Pen Store and The Origami Paper Shop) and altogether is known as Mile High Net Stores LLC , has flourished into a trusted source for specialty retail products. They now have a selection of over 1000 different papers including Mulberry Paper, Lokta Paper, Chiyogami Paper, Yuzen Paper, Amate Bark Paper, Banana Paper, Mango Paper, Unryu Paper, Ogura Lace Paper and Washi Paper.

“We started our business 9 years ago with thewritingpenstore. We then started a site dedicated to paper making supplies, but kept seeing people searching for mulberry paper. We figured if so many people were looking for it, there must be an opportunity there, so that is where mulberrypaperandmore got its start. We eventually shut down the paper making site and experimented with a few other sites, but have settled in with the 3 we now have.”

Mulberry paper is a form of handmade paper that’s been around since 100 AD. Cultivated in Asia primarily, from the Mulberry tree, it has long fibers which helps to give the paper its distinctive finish. These fibers also give mulberry paper a fine wispy edge when it is torn and this makes a very attractive finish. Mulberry paper, also known as Kozo, is made in many different varieties such as Japanese Chiyogami Paper, also known as Yuzen Washi Paper synonymous with Japanese style and quality.

Rick continues,

“Jennifer has always been the creative one. Currently, she practices batik water color painting. Love of paper comes from handling it and appreciating the innate beauty of a well-made piece of paper. Theorigamipapershop was a way to provide a focused site for origami artists that were already visiting mulberrypaperandmore for paper.”

Not only a fabulous e-store, but run by an interesting couple. How many people do you know who raise seahorses? Rick explains, “Animals have always been a part of our family. Jennifer kept marine aquariums from the time she was a teenager. My first job was at a vet clinic. We both worked in pet stores early in life. We’ve bred and raised parrots (specifically Lories and Lorikeets). Our kids also started their own business as teenagers raising Crested Geckos and selling them online. So, we keep a couple of aquariums at home. One is a reef system with all the live corals and fish. The other houses our seahorses. For a time, we were trying to ramp up our breeding program to make a business out of raising seahorses. It just ended up taking up too much time that was better spent in our other business. We were spending 4 hours a day caring for ‘the ponies’. So now, we just keep a few as pets.”

They generally ship anywhere in the world and have sent papers to 6 or 7 continents. Feedback from customers is very important, so they go the extra mile to carry what people want for their art.

“Rossi’s papers are very nice papers and are packaged well. They are top-notch quality. We only wish Rossi was closer so we could get shipments faster and more often.”

mrm decorative papers
MRM 009 – MRM 004 – MRM 007

“The Italian Marble papers are definitely the best Rossi sellers.”

Sharing paper with the world is what they do best.

Below are just a few of the 1000 papers they stock and ship:

“The bestselling papers are in neutral tones, usually a natural color with natural inclusions in them. As a group, marbled papers are probably the hottest sellers right now. Pretty much every order seems to include at least one marbled paper.”


ltp 054 - ltp 040
LTP 040 – LTP 054

Paper with Leaf and Flower Inclusions. Leaves, fibers and flowers adorn each sheet of natural looking paper. Instead of pasting these natural materials to paper, they are injected into the paper itself. Mixing leaves and plant material with traditional paper pulp materials creates unique, natural papers with a natural look and feel.

Marbled Lotka paper. Lokta paper has been used in Nepal since the 12th century, when it was used to write epic tales, to print mantra for use in prayer wheels, and for religious texts chanted by Buddhist monks. Nepalese Lokta Paper is and eco-friendly paper hand-made from the fiber of the “Nepal Paper Plant,” also called the Daphne Shrub or Lokta Bush.

crt decorative papers special edition
CRT 142 decorative papers special edition

Exotic Paper Made from Banana Fibers. Banana papers are an environmentally-conscious paper. Banana trees produce fruit only once a year and are then cut down, leaving abundant waste or by-product. Recycling the fiber from this by-product, into paper, helps to prevent the eco-system’s rivers and forests from becoming polluted with waste.

Sheer mulberry paper with Thai pulp. Funneling whirls of raised pulp add texture and dimension to this remarkably thin, mulberry paper. The sheerness of the base paper makes it wonderful for use on lampshades, glass lamps or luminaries. Handmade in Thailand, this unusual mulberry paper is acid-free and weighs 50 gsm.

crt 565 - crt 663 flowers
CRT 565 – CRT 663

Yuzen florals. Japanese Chiyogami Paper, also known as Yuzen Washi Paper synonymous with Japanese style and quality. Brilliant and intense color patterns with gold metallic overlay are silkscreened by hand. Inspired by Kimono fabric, each design is painstakingly crafted by artists across Japan.

decorative papers rossi1931 crt 135 - tsc 046
CRT 135 – TSC 046

Cork Laminate Papers from Portugal. These versatile, naturally water-resistant sheets are hand made in Portugal. Thin layers of cork are laminated onto a smooth base sheet. Since cork is the outer bark of the tree and is highly renewable and organically grown, this paper is an environmentally friendly option for your projects. It is ideal for letterpress printing.

Mulberry Unryu Papers from Thailand. Unryu paper, is a lightweight mulberry paper which contains strands of fiber that are added to the sheet to create contrast and texture. Tear Unryu Paper in any shape you desire to create a soft, feathered edge. When layered, these Unryu papers are translucent allowing the background colors to mix with the paper.

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