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To call origami art could be in some people’s minds, stretching it. But take a look at the work Mariano Zavala B. creates… he has turned his passion for origami into complex sculptural creations. One could only call it contemporary art.

Origami has been raised to a new level…as masters from around the world now challenge conventional images of origami by pushing the boundaries of technique and design. Mariano’s works are creations of complexity and inspired by the most advanced origami masters in the world such as, Satoshi Kamiya, Robert Lang, Brian Chan, and more.


Mariano explains, “Origami is a technique of geometric folding with different patterns of creases throughout a single piece of square paper, uncut to get different forms (such as) insects, animals, reptiles and dragons, as well as human and mythological beings, many of which could be considered as paper sculptures.”

“I am a self-taught artist in Origami since September 2009. I began researching on the Internet and what I saw left me amazed. I could not believe that all these animals, insects and figures that looked so real could be done with just a sheet of square paper, without even cutting it, just from folding. From that moment, I started looking at all the information of this amazing and wonderful Japanese art that had captivated me.”

“My designs and renditions are of realistic style.”

Origami has become a lifestyle; my secret is to fold with great passion; each figure that I fold means a lot to me; It goes beyond just fold the paper, the real art begins when I finish the fold; it’s in the final shaping that I give life to paper, I spend several hours or even days shaping a figure and make it look as real as possible. All this experience has inspired me to create my own designs. In the folded paper I have found my most personal form of expression.”


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“I produce my paper with my own technique; as two tissue paper, three tissue paper or four tissue paper; to achieve a better finish and better expression on the shape the figure. I also use other papers like Wenzhou Chinese rice paper, leather paper, etc. I have worked with Rossi’s Florentine paper. My first Rossi paper was a gift bought in Madrid, Spain. It’s really beautiful paper and designs. I love it.

His work has been exhibited in many galleries and museums in Lima, including several at The Peruvian Japanese Cultural Center.

“I spend several hours or even days to model a figure and make it look as real as possible. All this experience has inspired me to create my own designs.”

If you’re interested in my work or have any questions, feel free to e-mail at:

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You can also found Mariano Zavala on Eatsy, Youtube, Flickr and Instagram.

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