Rossi Designs: private label

Something few people know about Rossi1931 is that we have a design team with many years of experience, expertise and ingenuity for developing private label products, not only in paper goods, but in a variety of categories like clothing and gifts.

Our designs can be used on anything one can imagine!
Below are just a few of the corporate projects we have developed symbiotically with marketing teams and designers of major companies.

notebooks coccoina rossi1931

Coccoina and Rossi: an Italian collaboration

shirt vintage robots crt664 decorative papers rossi1931

Decorative Papers CRT 664 Vintage Robots

rossi1931 decorative papers uniqlo dress fashion ltp023 ltp024

Letterpress decorative papers LTP 023 and LTP 024

chocolate cicada decorative papers rossi1931

Decorative Papers VRS 004 Lilies


Our designs, part of the private Rossi archives which consist of thousands of traditional, vintage and contemporary subjects, can be applied to many different merchandise categories, such as apparel, handbags, small leather goods, articles for home and garden, interior design and more.

If you have an idea and would like to develop it using Rossi’s design office, contact us at

Eton shirt with Crt012 Rossi1931

Decorative Papers CRT 012 Feathers

decorative papers rossi1931 Eton shirt crt001 traditional fiorentine style

Decorative papers CRT 001 Traditional Fiorentine Style

Bags with Rossi1931 crt517 Balloons and crt519 Teddy Bears

Decorative Papers CRT 517 balloons – CRT 519 Teddy Bears

Opera del Duomo Rossi1931 Private Label

The Grand Cathedral Museum of Florence

Rossi1931 La Rinascente Private Label

Featured Retail: La Rinascente

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