Central Avenue, heading west from downtown St. Petersburg between 16th and 31st Streets, is the Grand Central District – a thriving designated “Main Street Community” and one of Florida’s newest design districts, with galleries, unique shops and restaurants. Its mission is to create a sense of identity within a mixed-use community and provide on-going economic development. It is also the home of the USA wholesale warehouse and distribution for Rossi1931.
Today, we are very pleased to let our customers and reps in the US and Canada know that as of now, it is possible to place orders from our Florida warehouse on line.

USA wholesale warehouse and distribution for Rossi1931Rossi first opened the US warehouse in 2011. The idea behind it was to be able to approach all those smaller shops, (both potential and established customers) that either could not order a quantity great enough to warrant an overseas order, or would not, because of timeliness or prohibitive size of order. Enhancing service was the initial goal of the distribution operation. Mattia Rossi explains, “When we first started to talk about a warehouse the idea was to somehow ‘shorten’ the distance between Italy and the US.” He added, “Today’s consumer is accustomed to immediate gratification, so fulfilling orders —quickly and cost-effectively— with ‘in between’ shipments from Florida has definitely supported those retailers.” Turnaround time is indeed better. Orders are immediately processed at the distribution center and are usually shipped the next day, helping retailers meet the demands of their customers who have come to rely on quick service. Orders can be placed via dedicated phone, fax (with a downloadable form available) and now on line. More than anything, this additional shipping option complements the shipments from Italy. What could formerly take over two weeks to ship and deliver from Florence, can now be delivered in as little as a few days.

our new warehouse on lineBy bringing a small part of the Rossi collection ( a selection of the bestselling items in the US), onto the American continent, we wanted to offer each and every retailer, no matter how small or how far, the opportunity to bring Rossi into their shop. Plus, we were able to offer our customers the possibility of reordering in between shipments without having to pay a large amount for transportation. . Large retailers as well as smaller retailers have benefitted from the arrangement.

We at Rossi feel that the time has come to take our warehouse business to the next level and give our customers – old and new – the opportunity to place their order 24/7, whenever they are ready, comfortable and have time. Every effort has been made to make the website as user-friendly as possible.

No more faxes, no more loss of time, a simple click when you’ve finished your order and the next thing you’ll receive is the ETA for your merchandise.
We hope that it will be a helpful tool for customers and reps alike, that it will make it much easier to place an order with our warehouse.
We also hope that with this new tool, we can increase our warehouse business, which in turn will mean that we can add to the number of products we offer direct from the US. Since the inception of our US warehouse, we have been able to increase the number of sku’s we initially stocked. We hope now, we will be able to boost that to an even greater amount.

our Florida warehouse

Apart from the immediate advantages such as time saving and the possibility to order 24/7, a great effort has been made to make the website user friendly and to enable those who are not so familiar with our collection to really zoom in to the single style and see the smallest details by hovering over the images. Products are available for immediate shipping to all USA and Canada destinations. Delivery 1 – 3 days from receipt of order to UPS Ground, all U.S.A. and Canada destinations.

Only $ 150 minimum with a flat shipping charge of $15. Free freight for orders over $500. Prices are wholesale and identical to our regular pricelist

As well as our new online ordering at
www.uswarehouse.rossi1931.com, there are several other ways to place your direct US orders: the warehouse has a dedicated phone: 352-428-2030 (a warehouse representative will take your order and answer questions) and a fax for customers to send their orders: 813-433-2577. Of course, we also recommend you contact your local sales representative, if you have one in your home area.


A selection of our notebooks available in our US Warehouse in Florida

our Florida warehouse

Feedback about our new website will be greatly appreciated because we are committed to always improve the service to our customers.


Rossi US Warehouse – St Petersburg, FL 33712.
Phone: 352 428 2030
On-line orders: www.uswarehouse.rossi1931.com
There is also a website just for information: www.info.rossi1931.com where you can view the warehouse catalog and download an order form.
Of course, orders can still be placed through Italy for all Rossi items.



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