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A handwritten note says more than thank you…

How could 110 reviewers be wrong? It’s not often an online Etsy store and its products get 5 star reviews from almost every customer, but Whispers of the Heart certainly does.handcrafted stationery
Artist and craftsperson, Marina has been inspired by beautiful papers from around the globe….Italy, Thailand, Japan to name a few, and uses that passion for paper to create a work of art that is her own handcrafted stationery.

Marina works her art from North Carolina through Etsy, which is an e-commerce website focused on handmade items. The site follows in the tradition of open craft fairs, giving sellers personal storefronts.
Determined to keep technology from taking over the world and making handwritten notes a thing of the past, Marina crafts her notes one at a time to make them special. She says when it comes to expressing a simple act of gratitude or appreciation, that “we all should be committed to keep the gesture alive. “
“A note or two on a handcrafted card to someone well deserving, to thank them, and let them know you are thinking of them, will put a smile of surprise, excitement, appreciation, (on their face) that “ will always be priceless.“

notecards of high quality cardstocknotecards of high quality cardstock


Marina crafts notecards of high quality cardstock paired with design paper which is then meticulously and uniquely handcrafted for each recipient. Note cards are blank on the inside, which allows plenty of space for personal notes and come in sets of 10 or more, with coordinated envelopes. “The cards are made to order, usually handcrafted in the 4 bar size, or A2 which are mail- able.” Larger size cards and envelopes are available in A6, A7 or Square as well as charming mini cards (2 ½ x 3 ½ inches) paired with 12 white envelopes, perfect for gift enclosures or to attach to a beautiful bouquet of flowers.
Some designs are a plain notecard with a custom lined envelope and others are a custom designed note with a plain envelope. Marina explains, “this depends on the paper design/pattern/style: If the design paper is busy or loud, to help balance the appearance, there may not be a need for a lined envelope. If the paper is subtle, warm, light and airy, the chances for a lined envelope is much greater, so it just depends on what I have envisioned the final product to look like.”

notecards of high quality cardstock handcrafted stationery
She says paper selections are not always easy and she has to remind herself to step back and think like the customer. “What would they like? Then I try to create pretty stationery with them in mind.” A true crafts person and perfectionist, indeed….
When asked what she likes about Rossi, she says, “the paper is classy, colorful, and uniquely authentic.” She loves the choices…they “come in such an array of designs, sizes, and colors, that a stationer can’t just purchase one sheet. “ She continues, “I love working with this paper, its lightweight and there are so many projects that can be created with Rossi.”
Her website is stunning in appearance and the attention paid to the detail and description of every product she makes is incredible…something not always found on many online sites.

To reach Marina or to see her beautiful work and to order,
go to: www.mauguste.etsy.com

notecards of high qualitywhispers-06

A review from a happy customer: “The cards are gorgeous! They are made very well – and a joy to use. The papers are exquisite, and the cards make a great gift – for someone else or for yourself! “

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