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Once the holidays are behind them, paper retailers and manufacturers, one might think, are taking a breather. Not so! The ubiquitous trade shows begin and none as big as Paperworld.


On Jan 25-28… 2,967 exhibitors and 83,206 visitors from all over the world begin the new business year in Frankfurt, Germany at Paperworld, the world’s largest marketplace for all things paper and paper related. Retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers, corporate buyers and importers will come together in a festive global celebration of paper.


Every year at this time, Paperworld brings together suppliers and buyers; Here is where opportunities happen and buyers can discover the latest innovative products in the world of stationery (both hands on products and digital), writing instruments, greeting cards and accoutrements from across the globe.Theyexchange ideas and information with business peers across the world. It is also a time where manufacturers can meet business leaders and develop and establish joint ventures.  It’s an amazing place for a business to expand their reach for new and international customers.


The products presented are unparalled in terms of breadth and depth and are a key source of inspiration, for not only buyers, but for producers as well. Here is  where a meeting of the minds takes place and a sharing of ideas as far as developing global trends. Those trends are then applied to one’s own business in their particular part of the world. Many advancements take place in this sector over the past year and this show will bring market leaders together with small and innovative companies under one roof.


For retailers, the globally unique product spectrum, absorbing lectures, and special exhibits  all add up to a truly rewarding buying experience. They discover here, what shapes,colors and materials will be in demand and style for the coming seasons.  
There is also a sub show called Creative World, for the hobby and craft trade and artists.

In addition, sustainability remains a central issue at Paperworld. Relevant approaches and concepts, both in terms of the products themselves and in terms of their production, as well as at company level, are presented and developed


Trade fairs have always been an integral part of Rossi1931 to showcase our collections and introduce our newest products in an environment that is both operative and optimal. Our booths are extremely accessible for our visitors; we want people to feel comfortable and welcome. Detail is paid to open space to enable people to move around easily, while giving maximum exposure to the products. We invite customers to touch, feel and appraise our papers and products.


Multilingual personnel are present to assist. In addition, some members of the Rossi family are always in attendance to offer guidance and share some history of our exquisite stationery.


How exciting for all of us as consumers, to see the new innovative products in the stores in our own neighborhoods and online, in just a few short weeks. Now you know, the inside scoop of where and how those products were introduced to the world!

A world of exquisite stationery is waiting for you at our stand!videoinfo

Frankfurt am Main, 25/28 January 2014
Hall 6.1 Scriptum, Stand B29



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