Wedding Invitation with Rossi1931 Decorative Paper

This DIY invitation comes to us from Shelly and Megan, the creative mother/daughter team who founded online retailer, Paper Mojo.

Wedding Invitation with decorative papers Rossi1931We are so fortunate to have Paper Mojo as a customer and doubly fortunate that Shelly sent us this fabulous idea. Paper Mojo is a business run on the pure love of paper and whose mission is to provide the largest and finest decorative paper to designers, artists and paper enthusiasts.
Using simple and inexpensive ideas, a standard invitation package was transformed into ten unique, stylish versions. For this makeover, Shelly used a classic Rossi patterned decorative sheet from the Flowers collection (TSC 027).

Wedding Invitation with envelope Liner Rossi1931

1. Add an envelope liner.

Our invitation came with a square flap envelope. All it takes is one square of cut paper and double-sided tape to secure the liner. With the extra paper, we added a wide belly band, holding all the pieces together, neat and tidy.

Wedding Invitation with Backer Card Rossi1931

2. Add a fucsia backer card.

The purchased invitation is actually a little smaller than 5” x 7” (4.875” x 6.878”), making it easy to add a standard size backer card.

Wedding Invitation with Black Backer Card Rossi1931

3. Add drama with black.

Adding black backer sheets provides a thicker border and focuses the eye on the invite copy.

Wedding Invitation Package Rossi1931

4. Create a package.
Laminate the Rossi paper. Add a black cord tie and tag. Who doesn’t love to open a package!

Wedding Invitation with Fancy Pocket Rossi1931

5. Add a fancy pocket.
Organizes the content – response card, directions, etc. Especially if you prefer to keep the front side completely original.

Wedding Invitation Rossi1931 Decorative Paper Sheet

6. Add the Rossi sheet
to the back of the invitation, directions and response card and tie the bundle together with a coordinating ribbon. This is another good way to introduce color and pattern into your invitation.

Wedding Invitation Gatefold Rossi1931

7. Create a gatefold
by placing the invitation on larger paper – 5 x 7- then scoring and folding the sides. Add a bellyband and secure with an elegant monogram tag.

Wedding Invitation with Contrasting Color Envelope Rossi1931

8. Add a contrasting color envelope
and backer card for a country look. Switch the envelope to a pointed flap and you have a completely different look.

Wedding invitation Origami Style Folding Rossi1931

9. Use a bit of origami style folding
to create a decorative paper closure on a folded card. The result looks elegant and classic and holds the invitation together in a unique way. Inside, a simple band secures the invitation enclosures.

Wedding invitation Pocket Fold Invitation Jacket Rossi1931

10. Add elegance with a pocket fold invitation jacket.
They’re available in a variety of sizes and shapes so a standard size invitation will nicely fill the center panel. The pocket fold is lined like an envelope and the outside gets a layered seal, allowing it to easily open and close.


Shelly says,” most of these ideas work well for a beginner paper crafter and require only basic paper crafting tools like scissors and paper cutter or trimmer. What’s truly amazing is the affordability; usually only a few dollars will completely transform the look.”

For more about Paper Mojo and their products, which can be shipped almost anywhere, visit:

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