The Paperplace Sydney, a Family Affair

Located in the CBD of Sydney, Paperplace is family owned and operated since January 1984. With over 40 years’ experience, we specialise in fine paper and stationery, social printing, and beautiful artisan paper goods.

Martin and Christine Burton who own and operate The Paperie, Rossi1931’s premiere importer/ wholesale distributor in Australia and New Zealand, also run and own The Paperplace in Sydney.

“We actually started as retailers in our boutique stationery store, The Paperplace, which was owned by my Mum for 30 years. It was Sydney’s, and possibly Australia’s, first and original boutique stationery store, so paper and stationery is in the blood“,

said Martin. His wife Christine continues,

“So the family, (Martin’s Mum and Dad) bought the store 1 January 1984. The business was really Martin’s mother, Diana’s business. She has great style and taste, and filled the store with beautiful stationery. When she wanted to retire, mid- 1998, we decided to keep the store going, rather than sell the business. It was a time in my life when Martin and I had started a family, and the strain and constraints of us both doing corporate jobs was exhausting. So taking over the retail business was a great way of still earning an income, but gave some flexibility of working hours for me, while Martin continued his corporate life.”

The Paperplace Australia Rossi1931 Featured Retail


They have continued the tradition of stocking beautiful paper and stationery.

“We also added a service arm to the retail business, which is social stationery printing. We specialise in printing on Rossi1931 torn edge stationery for wedding invitations and corporate engagements etc. “

“Here at The Paperplace we can create custom stationery to suit your every need. From Wedding Stationery to Save the Date’s, to Social Stationery for events, bereavement stationery and birthdays, we offer a full stationery and print service.”

The Paperplace Australia Rossi1931 Custom Stationery

Paperplace is renowned for stocking beautiful wrapping paper with beautiful matched ribbons. Christine says,

“At least 50% of our wraps in the store are Rossi1931, the most popular are the letterpress styles, the handmade marble papers, and all the vintage styles. Customers upon purchasing the wraps, often get us to wrap their gifts, and I have to say, they look magnificent when we do it.“

“My beautiful daughter, Charlotte, is also working in the store about 10 hours per week, saving for her trip to Europe (before) she plans to start University next year doing Biomedical Science.”

The Paperplace Australia Wrapping Paper Rossi1931

One of Charlotte’s contribution to the store will be featured in the next upcoming blog. Charlotte designed and made a dress for her graduation project from school, made entirely from paper, using a multitude of Rossi1931 designs.

“The best Rossi1931 sellers would be the notelet packs (the cards with envelopes), the wrapping papers and much of the Rossi Social Stationary range is popular because people love the artist and writing pads, as well as the flat card/envelope combinations in all the varying sizes, “reports Charlotte.

” My grandmother has always had a very classy, fashionable and creative eye for colors, shapes, patterns and so I know the shop would have been a good fit for her in that sense, and my mother, Christine has a similar knack for all of those things. Christine is the owner now, and I work in the store casually. My older brother Luke (20 years old) helps out in the ( wholesale) warehouse a lot and so do I, and my other grandmother, (Christine’s mother) Andrea , not the one who previously owned the store, has worked casually in the store as well! So it is a very family orientated business. “

Indeed, it is.

The Paperplace Australia Rossi1931 Crafty Things


For more info on the Paperplace or to order products on-line:
St James Arcade 111 Elizabeth Street, Sydney.
Tel: 02 9233 2979

(Many thanks to Giorgia Cisorio for her help.)

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