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For exquisite gift wrapping, bookbinding and book covering, scrapbooking, paper crafts, origami, decoupage, iris folding, card making, gift tags and stationery.

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Over the years, we have featured many of our retailers and most often they are brick and mortar stores that we love, many of which also have an on-line “shop”. This time, perhaps for our very first time, we are featuring a totally-on-line retailer: The Paper Tree of Newark, England.

Started in 2012 by Maz Simpson of Newark-on-Trent, a market town in Nottinghamshire in the East Midlands of England, The Paper Tree is her Etsy store.
Etsy has become mainstream ….with revenues of 196 million, and 54 million registered members, it is a far cry from the small e-commerce company launched in 2005. This year, Etsy was represented at the National Stationery Show.

The Paper Tree Rossi 1931 Decorative Papers

What is also unique about The Paper Tree, other than it is totally on-line, is they only sell decorative paper. Period. Maz buys a huge selection of beautiful fine quality decorative paper of traditional designs – in Florentine, florals and fleur de lis, from the biggest names in Italian paper design. Also included in this mix is stunning Japanese chiyogami paper, perfect for paper folding and origami due to its soft and supple nature.

“I currently stock 41 different Rossi papers. My best sellers are the peacock feather and dandelion designs, closely followed by the classic Florentine patterns which are always popular. “
“I am a keen crafter myself, and wanted to find some pretty paper for lining some handmade books. I came across Rossi whilst surfing the web for ideas, and fell in love with the designs! I am planning to keep expanding on the Rossi range and always welcome customer suggestions on designs they would like to see available in the shop!“

Maz does all the buying, stocking and shipping herself.

“Selling online means that I can still manage other family and work commitments, but with the freedom to sell all over the world, and be open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It’s easy to keep track of sales, activity and answering customer queries via mobile apps whilst I’m out and about. I sell to people as far away as Australia and the Far East. “

Her shipping prices seem very reasonable, so her shop is easily accessible to everyone, no matter what country.

Here are two of her 5 star reviews:
“I was thrilled to get these papers for my bookbinding project. The customer service was outstanding! Best of all, the cost was actually less than my paper suppliers in the USA. I will definitely order again!”

“Many thanks for the gorgeous paper. Just what I was looking for. I’ll be shopping with you again soon. Packaging was perfect, too and arrived “across the pond” in perfect condition.”

Having done much paper-crafting, such as handmade cards and boxes, Maz has some new ideas for The Paper Tree;

“I hope soon to start a blog to keep customers updated of new products and special offers and also offer tutorials. I would like to do shop features for my customers and anything else I think might be inspiring! “

Here are some of the beautiful handicrafts which a few of her customers have turned into businesses of their own.

The Paper Tree Beautiful Handicrafts with Rossi 1931 paper

To see more about The Paper Tree go to:

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