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Have you ever needed something for a customer shipped really quickly? Did you know that Rossi has a US distribution center in Florida that can ship out products on the next day?

For over a year, a distribution center in Brooksville, Florida, has been shipping Rossi products to retailers around the US and Canada. This arrangement has drastically improved turnaround times for many popular items commonly ordered here in the US.

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About 110 items are currently inventoried there with more being added continually. The selection of the skus was initially based on which styles had sold best in the US market, and subsequently new items that have proven successful have been added. These include the most popular US items within the boxed stationery, decorative papers, and notebooks product lines.

Enhancing service was the initial goal of the distribution operation. Mattia Rossi, head of sales for Rossi said, “When we first started to talk about a warehouse the idea was to somehow “shorten” the distance between Italy and the US.” He added, “Today’s consumer is accustomed to immediate gratification, so fulfilling orders —quickly and cost-effectively— with “in between” shipments from Florida has definitely supported those retailers.”

Turnaround time is indeed better. Orders are immediately processed at the distribution center and are usually shipped the next day, helping retailers meet the demands of their customers who have come to rely on quick service. Orders can be placed via dedicated phone, fax, or a downloadable form which can then be emailed.

Of course, orders can still be placed through Italy for these items. More than anything, the additional shipping option complements the shipments from Italy. What could formerly take over two weeks to ship and deliver from Florence, can now be delivered in as little as a few days.

Large retailers as well as smaller retailers have benefitted from the arrangement. As a result, reaching smaller customers who would ordinarily never purchase from overseas manufacturers, has occurred.

There are several ways to place your orders: the warehouse has a dedicated phone: 352-428-2030 and a fax for customers to send their orders: 813-433-2577. A representative can take orders over the phone and answer your questions.

There is also a website just for the warehouse: where you can view the warehouse catalog and download an order form.

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