Sterling Place, Brooklyn, N.Y.

“Welcome to Sterling Place, where you can find artful objects for gracious giving™ – whether you are giving to someone else or treating yourself.”
Sterling Place Brooklyn N.Y.The sign says, “Eclectic curiosities and essential goods”.
A perfect description, indeed. Sterling Place encompasses 3 stores… all in Brooklyn; two in Park Slope and one in Boerum Hill, as well as a splendid web site for on-line ordering.

An ineffable collection of gifts, edibles, books, writing instruments, paper, clocks, globes, furniture, (both new and antique) accessories, home décor, gardening, keepsakes, curios and kids items… all housed in a charming space. The buyers search the world for items that inspire and delight. And only those of the finest quality – objects with heirloom potential – make it into their collection; old bookcases, a nineteenth century steamer trunk, a thirties model airplane, shaving implements made from antique ivory dot the floors.

Robert Wilson and Elizabeth Crowell are the husband and wife team behind this upscale, collector-friendly emporium. They opened the first shop after leaving mutual careers as marketing executives at an internet company.
In terms of deciding items to carry, they choose items that are “beautiful, but functional,” so the space feels like a carefully curated mini-museum.

All three stores do a brisk business in furniture, drawing many customers from Manhattan who clamor to find just the right touches to make an apartment the perfect home. Each interior has a classic look: polished wood floors, chrome light fixtures, and old apothecary counters which complement the items, many of which are antiques or carefully curated pieces or “vintage-inspired like fold-out vintage game tables, open-sided mahogany bookshelves, and dining tables custom-crafted in England.”

Of the few fine paper and stationery lines carried by Sterling Place, Rossi has the honor of being chosen to compliment this eclectic and wonderful collection.
Jane Baber, a buyer/manager of the stores, says they discovered Rossi at Paper World in Germany. She loves the quality and beauty. “It’s really lovely. The notebooks do well and we are thinking of trying more gift wrap. We may wrap some packages to place around the store to show the depth of design and because it’s just so pretty.”

Sterling Place Brooklyn N.Y. Classica Italiana Fine Stationery

Fine Stationery Notebooks and Writing Papers

Decorative Papers Rossi 1931


One internet fans acclaims: “Give a gift from here and it will really stand out. “

For non- New Yorkers, you can order online at

“Each Sterling Place gift you select can be exquisitely wrapped and accompanied by a handwritten note. Your purchase is then packaged carefully and shipped – if you choose our gift wrap finish, the presentation on arrival is almost as though it were you standing at the door, gift in hand.”

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