New for Spring: Rossi1931 Fashion

The line of Rossi designs has been rolled out at Uniqlo. ROSSI 1931 Uniqlo Bra Dress

“Rossi 1931 has been making fine stationery and decorative papers since 1931. It continues to offer high-quality paper products. Every year it creates original works with vividly elegant, Italian designs while respecting the traditional aesthetics of Florence where it is based.” Uniqlo 2015

”For the first time, Rossi 1931, a luxury stationary brand founded in1931, joins the UT lineup!”

ROSSI 1931 Uniqlo Dress “In Florentine style, even classic floral patterns are trendy and fun. Cute and casual, these UTs will make you feel as though you’ve just taken a little trip to Europe.”

ROSSI 1931 Uniqlo Bra Dress
A Bra Dress collaborated with “ROSSI 1931”, an Italian stationary brand. It can be worn on its own, and be enjoyed with its Italian elegant designs, in town or on vacation.”

Fun and art combine into comfortable and stylish graphic t-shirts. Tank Top: In Florentine style, even classic floral patterns are trendy and fun. Tank Top: In Florentine style, even classic floral patterns are trendy and fun Rooted in the tradition of Florentine Renaissance but open to new trends and technical innovations, Rossi 1931 has evolved from a small typographer to a modern factory producing, in addition to stationery, decorative papers, greeting cards, notebooks and journals, paper gift items and more. Traditional designs from the 15th and 16th centuries coexist with contemporary patterns. rossi1931 uniqlo tank top In particular, our letterpress designs have seen a resurgence over the years. Letterpress decorative papers, introduced at the Paperworld Fair in Germany two years ago, have since evolved into a full collection of papers, boxed stationery, monograms, journals, notepads and gifts. When we decided to do something different with our vintage letterpress machines, (which had not been used for many years) we had no idea how successful it would become. T-shirts available from Uniqlo using our decorative papers design. The popularity has been unexpected and overwhelming. For those unfamiliar with letterpress, it is a pressing process which transfers the ink and leaves a deep impression on the paper creating a three dimensional print that has a feel unlike any other type of printing Our designs are suitable for many kinds of production and clearly not limited to paper. We have been able to apply them to many different categories; apparel (as seen here with Uniqlo and others), handbags, small leather goods, home and garden, interior design and more. T-shirts available from Uniqlo using our letterpress design. T-shirts available from Uniqlo using our letterpress design. We are excited to be part of the Uniqlo brand. To see the entire collection of Rossi1931 fashion go to: or visit There is also a link on their website to see a listing of all their stores.

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