Collective designs with Japan’s AMACA old

Rossi is making inroads to becoming a hit in the fashion business: having had several successful collections in the past, now comes another wonderful clothing design partnership this summer, with the Japanese women’s brand AMACA by SANYO SHOKAI.
SANYO SHOKAI Ltd. is a Japan-based company, established in 1943 which manufactures and sells textiles/clothing for men, women, and children in Japan. It offers its products under the AMACA, EPOCA, EPOCA THE SHOP, (
EVEX by KRIZIA, GUILD PRIME labels and stores,

“We present a design of the traditional beauty of Florence
in our Collection of early summer.“

2016 Spring Summer AMACA Collection Rossi Floral Designs
Some of Rossi’s most famous floral designs were used in the creation of the
2016 Spring & Summer AMACA collection. Amaca has 39 stores throughout Japan.

AMACA the Japanese women’s brand

Japanese retailer AMACA (Amaka) ── a word that means “hammock” in Italian, prides itself in surrounding women with a relaxed sense of well-being when clad in a richness of their fabric. Amaca clothing fosters women to “enjoy a certain air of espirit,” highlighting their own unique style.

The women’s clothing line is simple, basic, and classic, making use of natural materials. Focus is on the fashionable adult, utilizing sophisticated detail and fine texture. Their in house designers collaborate with up and coming talent from both Japan and around the world, to produce upscale and trendy designs for every season and colors to enrich the day to day wardrobe.

Women s clothing line simple making use natural materials

In the Pop -Up Shop on the 5th floor of Amaca Femme Maison, Takashimaya Shinjuku Store, is a special venue in accordance with the Rossi1931 FAIR.
Rossi1931 Notebooks for Amaca
During the period, with purchase, receive a Rossi original notebook.

AMACA Takashimaya Shinjuku Store 5F contemporary style
TEL: 03-5363-1840

Amaca Summer Collection Rossi1931

“Stationery brand ROSSI 1931: printed designs that can co-ordinate with you.

Summer Collection Amaca Rossi1931Introducing the summer of carefree styling with mix and match.“

Printed pattern of Italian stationery manufacturer Rossi1931
“Comfortable to wear material with an airy lightness, this dress is a printed pattern of Italian stationery manufacturer, Rossi1931.”

Amaca refreshing print of paisley and flowers
“A refreshing print of paisley and flowers which we chose from a design that had elegance and beauty… just like Italy.”

Amaca Rossi1931
Rossi 1931 holds an important new partnership, in the fashion industry, with the Japanese luxury brand Amaca by Sanyo.
Some of the most famous floral designs of Rossi 1931, were used in the creation of the 2016 Spring & Summer Amaca collection.

This collection can be bought in all Amaca/Japan stores or online at
or at Amazon
Also at Sanyo I- Store, Just search for Amaca
For a list of stores:

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