“Parvum Opus is an atelier-style artist’s studio and bindery. Our name is inspired by the Latin term for a diminutive work of art (‘Parvum’ = diminutive, ‘Opus’ = an artistic work) and perfectly describes the way we approach each project undertaken at the bindery: small things, beautifully done.” 

Parvum Opus bindery creative studio Rossi 1931 decorative papers

Erika Stefanutti formulated the idea for Parvum Opus after working as a studio artist, having trained as a painter, printmaker and metalsmith.

“The seed for Parvum Opus was planted a few years ago, when I embarked on a study of traditional bookbinding and decorative arts history and began producing bespoke calendars, hand-bound books, desk accessories and art objects from my studio in Michigan.”

Bindery creative studio florentine paper Rossi 1931 Parvum Opus

William Morris, father of the Arts and Crafts Movement said,

“Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” This may very well be the watchword for Parvum Opus.

“I began with a small collection of notebooks, folios and handmade boxes for our desk calendars in 2010. As people began to find us, they requested bespoke blotters, paper trays, picture frames, etc., and so the collection grew from there,” shares Erika.

Box Bindery Decorative Papers Parvum Opus Rossi 1931

“I believe that when attentively designed and crafted, even the simplest household object has the power to improve our daily experience.”

“With the Parvum Opus Shop, I’ve selfishly created the shop of my dreams, producing exquisitely crafted decorative and functional objects built by hand, and featuring glorious paper patterns. These are pieces inspired by the Arts & Crafts movement; decorative objects crafted by artisans across cultures, continents and centuries.

It all starts with pencils, rulers: here in the studio, we design and make everything by hand, one piece at a time, from fine archival materials.

From the smallest picture frame to the tallest obelisk, each piece begins with precision-cut book boards (these are the same boards used in hardcover books), assembled with acid-free adhesives. The works are finished in fine papers or book cloth according to each project’s specifications and a jeweler’s sensibility and attention to detail. (Copy: Parvum Opus)

“I’ve always held craft tradition in the highest regard, and it’s my great privilege to make our handcrafted works. Our goal is to make each one heirloom-worthy.”

Octagonal tray Parvum Opus Rossi 1931 decorative papers

Erika Stefanutti - Parvum Opus
Erika Stefanutti


“I’ve found that there is a hunger for handmade, bespoke decorative accessories and desk accessories, and we cheerfully ship our pieces around the world.”

“Constant inspiration for new works comes from the exquisite papers we use each day as well as the rich history of decorative arts around the globe.”

Erika states, “I love the consistency and quality of Rossi papers: they adhere so smoothly with no wrinkling!
Among our client favorites are the Florentine and tiny fleur de lys prints – perennial classics.”

“Rossi papers were among the first patterns we offered in our collection, and are still quite popular!”

Paper tray Rossi 1931 decorative papers Parvum Opus

Papers include Japanese Chiyogami silk screen prints, a stylish geometric design from England, and an array of French and Italian marbles. “We’ve commissioned a collection of stunning hand marbled papers made just for us “.

“We are exclusively an e-commerce business, and so have no brick and mortar shops: this suits us best as we specialize in pieces handmade to order for individuals, shops and designers, said Erika. The work we do in the bindery combines my love of books, craft and design tradition, materials and process. “

Some of the products and services from Parvum Opus include:

  • Custom designed, handmade desk furnishings and decorative accessories
  • Hand-bound books
  • Custom slipcases and portfolios
  • Archival storage boxes and files for museums, galleries and collectors
  • Fabrication services for interior designers and architects

“It all starts with pencils, rulers: here in the studio, we design and make everything by hand, one piece at a time, from fine archival materials.”


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