Paper Story is located inside the trendy Ebisu Mitsukoshi in Tokyo where exquisite boutiques and high end companies are the occupants. Apparel, lifestyle products, fashion, art, shoes, spas and restaurants… it’s the sort of place one could spend a day.
Opened in September 2016, Paper Story is owned and managed by Kunihiro Aihara, who is also the owner of Aihara Boeki Co., Ltd, the Japanese distributor of many international paper companies, including Rossi 1931.

Decorative Papers Rossi1931 Wrapping Papers Origami

Mr. Aihara explains, “We are mainly engaged in importing and selling items from stationery and wrapping manufacturers who are committed to making products in Europe and the United States. We are the distributor in Japan of imported high quality paper and paper products. We have many distribution channels in Japan, which target high end final customers. Rossi decorative paper is very suitable for our customers.”

Rossi 1931 Cut Decorative Paper Display in Paper Story
Rossi cut paper display in Paper Story

This shop is not entirely a stationery shop, but carries a variety of products, gifts and paper products. Its target customer; trendy paper lovers who like good quality. Paper Story carries many other popular brands from Italy, USA, Belgium and Switzerland, some from newer, but mostly from established manufacturers.

We focus on, “decorative papers, notebooks, paper gift items and we have been expanding based on the art and craftsmanship techniques. We like quality imported goods such as stationery from western countries and wrapping paper and nice ribbon,” says Mr. Aihara.

Storage Boxes Covered in decorative Rossi 1931 PapersWhat we love about this store is the fact that customers can buy custom made products in the store like gift and storage boxes covered in beautiful Rossi paper or come in and attend a class which shows them how to make their own…origami, lined envelopes, boxes. It’s a wonderful concept.

Decorative Paper Flamingos, Florentine Style
CRT 162 Flamingos, Florentine Style
Traditional, Florentine Style
CRT 001 Traditional, Florentine Style
Decorative Paper Sheet Women's Fashion
CRT 078 Women’s Fashion

“Occasional workshops will be held including original envelope making, origami, party items, ribbon work, decoupage,” states Mr. Aihara.
“The customer can choose to make a handmade inspiration from seeing many examples at the shop and then attend a workshop or choose something finished that they happened to find at the shop”, he said.

Origami Class Using Rossi 1931 Decorative Papers

“Most important theme is to stimulate the customer by showing many examples, which are hand made from Rossi decorative paper.

Now we do 3 type workshops; Origami, handmade boxes (covered with Rossi decorative paper), handmade envelopes lined with Rossi decorative paper.”
Mr. Aihara says, “Of course the shop also sells many stationery products made in Italy by Rossi 1931.” But their main seller is the paper; “We sell 120 designs and 3 sizes of Rossi decorative paper. 15cm X 15cm size, A4size and 50cm X 70cm.”

Origami using Rossi 1931 Decorative PapersStorage Boxes Covered with Decorative Rossi 1931 Papers

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