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Paper Republic offers high quality artisan products from all corners of the globe, in harmony with Australian designed and produced items which support local artists. We regularly travel the world to source new and interesting items from Europe and North America and bring them back to Melbourne.

When Tim Hampton was inspired to open a paper goods shop, he knew what it would look like: One with a Florentine feel. “I used to live in Firenze years ago and I certainly have an appreciation for fine Italian stationery.” Tim says he “noticed a gap in the market for a store selling high quality paper and stationery products in the Camberwell area.” After looking at many locations, he ultimately settled on “the perfect place” in Camberwell, Victoria, just 13km from Melbourne.

Paper Republic was born in November 2013.

Reminiscent of paper shops found in the streets of Florence or Venice – or even New York City, the store is truly a shop of the world.

Paper Republic Interior Australia

Not only stocking the items one expects to find in Florence… The best Italian stationery from Rossi, fine Italian calf- leather journals, passport holders, notebooks and wine logbooks, Instituto Fotocromo Italiano vintage calendars, exquisite leather bags from Florence, and luxurious boxed Florentine writing paper and box sets, but they house an abundance of worldly delights; Expect to find a huge selection of stationery, greeting cards and specialty papers from around the globe, including Belgium, USA and Canada, in a variety of colors, textures, weights and finishes. Not confined to paper, they carry journals and diaries from Germany, Canada and the UK, calendars from the USA, paper napkins from the Netherlands, pencils from Japan, locally produced soaps, pure essential oils, and of course a vast selection of writing accoutrements, inkwells, colored wax seals, archival boxes for storing photos and…well, the list goes on…a global treasure trove, Paper Republic.


Paper Republic Owner

“We brought in the very best quality stationery from Australia and around the globe. The Rossi products fit that profile perfectly and now has a strong local following.”

Paper Republic Decorative Paper Rossi1931

When asked how he finds all these global products, Tim says, “I generally attend the large trade fairs in Europe, North America and Asia as well as sourcing directly from suppliers in other countries who don’t attend trade shows. For Rossi product I source locally via Martin Burton at The Paperie.”


“Best sellers are Classica Italiana boxed cards and envelopes, Classica Italiana decorative writing paper and envelope sets, Rossi decorative pencil sets, Rossi decorative wraps and file and document holders. Yes, I am a great fan. The quality and texture, plus the brilliant designs, make great sellers for us.”

“Customers often comment that the Paper Republic store is reminiscent of fine stationery stores in Italy and other parts of Europe which is exactly what I set out to achieve and Rossi products complement the overall look and feel of the store.”

Paper Republic Australia Details

“The locals have taken a real shine to the store and business is booming. Thankfully, the age of print and paper is not dead yet.”

“We do not have an online store at this time but it is something I am investigating”, says Tim. Very unfortunate for we who do not live in Melbourne, AU…

Paper Republic Australia

For more information on Paper Republic:

Paper Republic

574 Burke Rd Camberwell VIC 3124

+61 3 9882 1526


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