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When Pina Giuliana’s grandparents owned a stationery store in Sicily, little did she realize that one day it would inspire her to also open a stationery store… in Clinton, New Jersey, USA.

Initially established as The Write Touch in 1994, the store enjoyed a great following for 20 years. Yet, in 2013, Pina, as a savvy marketer, decided to “reinvent” the store as Paper Grace On Main. She changed the appeal, the ambiance, the displays and obviously, the name.

She explains, “When we decided to rebrand ourselves, we put a contest out on the internet and there were so many great names. Suddenly Paper Grace on Main came up and we were sold. The theory behind that, is that we sell fine stationery on Main Street, not a Walmart or Hallmark, but definitely a brick and mortar store.”

Paper Grace Couture Stationery Rossi1931 Fine Italian Stationery

Paper Grace on Main is the ultimate boutique destination for couture and elegant stationery design. ”Our passion for paper and dedication to detail, design, and proper etiquette all combine for an incomparable customer service experience.”

They have developed a following amongst event planners and paper lovers everywhere, seeking the latest in custom designed wedding invitations, save the dates, distinctive personalized stationery, celebratory party invitations, baby announcements and holiday cards.

Gracie the dog Paper Grace On Main Decorative Papers Wedding Invitations

With the help of Gracie the dog, the incredibly helpful staff work closely with customers to find the perfect gift, wrap the perfect gift or design the perfect stationery. Paper Grace on Main offers hand-made papers, top of the line pens, high-end stationery, and an artfully curated selection of one-of-a-kind greeting cards.

Rossi just happens to be their best-selling line. The store carries the Classica Italiana, lots of the decorative wrapping papers, Portofino, Florentine and much more.

When asked which the best sellers are, the response was, “all that we put out!” The products “never disappoint, always sell and our customers have become addicted fans. We can’t keep Rossi in stock!”

Rossi 1931 Florentine Stationery Classica Italiana

They do exquisite gift wrapping and very often wrap in Rossi papers, which makes a real statement.

“People come here to have things wrapped,” Pina said. “That special gift becomes even more spectacular when it is finished off with hand-made or special papers.” The store stocks a great assortment of hand-made and artisan papers. Other uses (in addition to wrapping), might include coverings for boxes, book covers, origami and more.

“We only carry fine stationery from all over the world: Lalo from France, Crane, Christian LaCroix …. You can come in and we can discuss designs, taste, get advice and be part of a community that loves fine stationery and wants to send things out properly. “
“Gracie is here all day getting hugs, treats, and so many kisses. We also sell an enormous amount of dog and cat stationery.”

Travelers would expect to find this type stationery boutique in Paris or Rome.
But then, Clinton is looking more European these days.

Paper Grace on Main Boutique Couture Elegant Stationery Design

For more information:

Phone 908-713-9595.
Address: 41 Main St
Clinton, NJ 08809


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