May the force be with you. (The sales force, that is.)

The expression, “it takes a village “, not only applies to raising children, but getting a product such as Rossi Fine Papers into the hands of the consumer, as well. This village happens to be scattered from Italy across continents, but nonetheless, not unlike a close knit community. Rossi sales representatives are an integral part of getting those gorgeous products from their printing dept to the retailer and ultimately to the consumer.


What a lot of people don’t know is how it’s done!

Step one, is that Rossi management hires a “rep” or representative in a certain geographical region to show their products to appropriate local retailers. That representative will be the eyes, ears and mouth (and big fans!) of the company…and often for the retailer. They show the Rossi product line to new customers or “prospects” and offer promotions, share upcoming events, and introduce new designs and product to established customers. They sit with the store’s buyer and show the portfolios (or catalogues) and product. In turn, this is where the retailer gets to see, touch and discover the quality of the products, something they could never do, unless they are traveling within the Florence area or to a trade show.

A good sales rep will share what the best sellers in the line are; suggest colors or schemes/themes based on the look and ambiance of the store and its type of customer base: is it an upscale neighborhood where locals entertain a lot? Is it a destination store for parties or wedding invitations ? Do customers run in to grab a quick gift or a greeting card? A sales rep is really the consultant for the retailer and the ambassador for the manufacturer. They truly wear 2 hats. In turn, they take any requests, concerns or ideas for new designs, new colors, trends, back to Rossi or other manufactures. They will keep the retailers informed of certain trends they have seen in the marketplace (that perhaps the store owner has not been introduced to, as yet).

They write orders in the store, process them in their office or showroom, and forward them to Rossi, whose order fulfillment team takes it from there.

Without these “nomads” who generally work long hours and drive many miles, it would be a much more difficult task to get fine paper and products like Rossi’s into the hands of consumers to be enjoyed and shared. In the end, the rewards in representing the fine products of Rossi and others are truly worth it. It really does take a village!

US warehouse Rossi 1931

Interested in becoming a Rossi rep?

We are looking for independent reps with experience in stationery/gifts in the following areas : NJ, GA, FL and in Canada the Toronto area.


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