Letter Writing Day is December 8.

Have you heard of Letter Writing Day ? Take a few minutes, and send someone a hand written letter.

Classica Italiana Letterpress Stationery
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Every December bring out your finest stationery and your writing equipment and send a handwritten letter to someone special, because it is Letter Writing Day!

Today, fewer and fewer people take the time to sit down and write letters to their loved ones. Letter Writing Day aims to change this. This day encourages people to hand write letters and send them to their loved ones the old fashioned way – through the mail.

Classica Italiana Letterpress Stationery
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There is no clear origin of this day. One possibility is that this day evolved from Japan, and the hobby of stamp collecting. Japan has a Letter Writing Week, and a Letter Writing Day. Actually, the Japanese Letter Writing Day is held monthly on the 23rd of each month.

A second possibility is that this day evolved from one of many school related letter writing days. There are many references to Letter Writing Day as a grade school, high school and college letter writing days. Regardless, of how it originated, Letter Writing Day is here. Participate in this unique day, by sending someone a hand written letter today.

In these days of cell phones, email, and text messages, letter writing can seem hopelessly outdated. But it’s an art worth bringing back, and not just as some misplaced sense of nostalgia. The writing and receiving of letters will always offer an experience that modern technology cannot touch. Letter writing goes back a very long time. History tells us that Homer mentioned letters in the Iliad, and evidence of correspondence has been found in ancient Egypt, India, Rome and China. Preserved letters are great historical resources – they are treated by historians as firsthand accounts of the social, economic and political conditions prevailing at the time. Many are permanently displayed in museums, archives, and collections, made public – for all of us to see, learn from, and savor for years and years. Try doing that with a tweet.
In honor of National Letter Writing Day and beyond, bloggers Brett and Kate McKay from the Art of Manliness, say that “sending a letter is the next best thing to showing up personally at someone’s door; ink from your pen touches the stationary, your fingers touch the paper, and something tangible from your world travels through machines and hands, and deposits itself in another’s mailbox. Your letter is then carried inside as an invited guest. When we take the time to organize and express our deepest thoughts and feelings, write them down for posterity, and send them to a chosen recipient, it’s about the most personal gift one can give and the other receive.”

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When writing a letter or note, stationery is your canvas; purchase stationery in a few different sizes for letters and notes of various lengths. Beautiful stationery also can make the letter seem more like a gift. Spend some time at a stationery store picking out something that is uniquely you.

Rossi has an amazing selection of papers and notes in many sizes and textures… from formal to informal, to script the perfect letter.

Stationery Rossi 1931 Eco Frinedly Italian Papers

A special pen can add an element of enjoyment for the writer.

Years ago when people were a thousand miles apart, letter-writing was our only available means of communication. People fell in love over the many letters sent between them. Throughout time, these letters have been tied up with ribbons and stored for future generations to find….treasured possessions of the past, discovered in an old trunk in an attic. Thus, letters not only serve a purpose in the here and now, they also stand as historical records, giving us an incomparable window into the past. Anyone who has ever come across the old letters of parents and grandparents and suddenly felt transported back to another time and place, knows well the legacy-leaving power of letters.

Classica Italiana Letterpress Stationery

A little known fact:
until the mid-19th century, envelopes were all handmade. Because of this, envelopes were extremely expensive and most people just folded up their letters and sealed them with a wax seal.

For more info about Rossi1931 boxed notes: www.rossi1931.com

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