How our Consolidated Shipments benefit our customers

We are already printing our new 2015 papers which will be introduced at Paperworld at the end of the month. Many new designs beautiful in color, vibrancy and with meticulous detail will be ready for shipping soon.
Greeting cards of any kind, fine social stationery, writing papers, journals, decorative papers and gift items continue to be the heart of Rossi’s production. Greeting cards of any kind, fine social stationery, writing papers, journals, decorative papers and gift items
As we look forward to providing our customers with the ease of on-line ordering from our Florida/USA warehouse and adding more diverse inventory as the business grows there, by far the bulk of our shipping (especially internationally) comes from our factory in Italy. Our alternative to our shipping from Florida for our US and Canadian customers is the consolidated shipment from Italy (we are increasing the number of shipments to the US by 50% in 2015 and at the same time concentrating the shipments to Canada into 4 consolidations so that we can ship directly to Canada and save our customers some customs charges).

our new 2015 decorative papersFollowing is our shipping schedule for 2015:
February 13 (US only)
March 6 (US and Canada)
April 17 (US only)
June 19 (US and Canada)
August 7 (US only)
September 10 (US and Canada)
October 2 (US only)
November 6 (US and Canada)


The number of US and Canadian customers have grown exponentially through our consolidated shipments.

We establish a date for departure, then all direct customers and reps are informed with an email. (We also give a deadline to receive orders in order to make it in that particular shipment.)
Orders are grouped, packed separately in boxes and then on pallets. The cargo flies to NY where our broker takes care of customs’ procedures, undoing the pallets and separating the boxes by destination. Once out of customs the boxes are handed over to UPS for delivery to the single customers, all within a week after their departure from Italy.
Consolidated ShipmentThe east coast customers receive their order that same day or within 2-3 days, and the west coast in 7-8 days.
This is the base of our business in the US, with the Florida warehouse starting to develop in the past year or so.
We are pleased how this synergistic effort is working out for all of us….especially our customers. We now offer two solid ways to stock Rossi paper in a timely manner. That should make for some very happy paper lovers out there.

we love our customer Rossi1931

For more info on consolidated shipments contact:

For info on ordering from our US warehouse go to:

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