Wrapping it up, Texas Style

Small business is alive and well in Texas!  Susie-Melissa Cherry owns Calligraphic Arts, a studio based in Dallas.  A long-time Rossi customer, Susie-Melissa is a well-known calligrapher,rossi, rossi 1931, decorative papers, florentine papers, gift wrap papers but her other business is equally impressive.  It’s a store within her studio called the Gift Wrap Studio, which creates exquisitely wrapped gifts for corporate clients as well as for individuals.

Not only does it keep her busy, but also her mother, who Susie-Melissa refers to as the lead elf, and four talented ladies—Mary Lee Crotzer, Barb Milfeld, Lisa Steible, and Sharon Snyder. Their wrapping paper of choice?  Rossi decorative papers! These ladies are pros at transforming decorative paper into magnificent jeweled packages, each adorned with dramatic ribbons and bows.

Enjoy these stunners….. and stay tuned for a later post about Susie-Melissa’s calligraphy business.


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