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One of Rossi1931’s special customers is Giraffiti in Bodenheim, Germany.
We wanted to feature the one of a kind, amazing boxes they manufacture with our beautiful decorative paper.

“Giraffiti is a combination of graffiti and giraffe,
an outstanding animal everybody loves – you can see it in our logo.” Says Roland

Fischer-Fürwentsches, owner of Giraffiti.

Giraffiti is a German distributor and wholesaler of fine paper companies from primarily, England and located in Bodenheim, Germany.

“I am a wholesaler and distributor. We are distributing renowned high end companies from Great Britain such as Caroline Gardner, Two Bad Mice, The Art File, Archivist Gallery, Me & McQ and of course our Italian paper line, Rossi1931.”, says Roland.

They carry Rossi1931 notecards, gift tags, pencils, letterpress, Christmas and decorative papers with which they line their boxes.
Their paper products share a symbiosis in that they all share the latest technologies combined with traditional craftsmanship…” all paper and cards apply the most advanced printing techniques to embellish the cards (die cut, embossing, for instance), or very traditional ones like letterpress.
So, that is how Rossi1931 from Italy and companies from Great Britain fit together.”

“Apart from that we produce our own boxes which we embellish mainly with Rossi1931 gift wrap“, Roland states.

Giraffiti Boxes with Rossi1931 fine Italian Decorative Papers

“We have a bookbinder in our company, who came up with the idea of making the boxes. We realized there was a gap in the market for high valued boxes which associate with paper or fabric designs.
Basic boxes are very boring. Manufacturers try hard to keep the costs down and have eliminated any detail, so that in the end they are very dull. We decide in a group what we think is wanted in the market or what we believe is missing in the market. Or what we would love to be produced…”

Giraffiti Boxes with Rossi1931 fine Italian Decorative Papers

“A retailer can pick the design they want and also pick the paper for the box. They can choose the model and the paper design so that there are hundreds of possible combinations. Well, I am not a mathematician, he jokes.”

“It is a high end product for high end paperies or stationery shops.
We don’t sell to consumers.” That’s up to their retailers….

Giraffiti Boxes with Rossi1931 fine Italian Decorative Papers“We distribute our products in Germany and Austria. Giraffiti supplies some of the best department stores in Germany… Dussmann’s in Berlin, Beck in Munich and KaDeWe in Berlin”. We also service museum shops, paperies, stationery shops, lifestyle shops, concept stores, book stores, paper stores, gift shops and galleries.

Roland loves Rossi1931: “fantastic”! Customers love the letterpress designs and the designs once, (and still) used to put in drawers and wardrobes.”

Giraffiti Boxes with Rossi1931 fine Italian Decorative Papers

Giraffiti GmbH & Co.KG
HRA 40571
Kapellenstraße 23
D-55294 Bodenheim

Phone +49.61 35.70 55 53
Roland Fischer-Fürwentsches

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