Gift Ideas for the Season of Graduation

We’re in the midst of graduation season, and that means gifts and parties for college, high school, and nowadays, even middle school and elementary students.

For years the traditional graduation gifts are the same: watches, jewelry, money, set of pens… But why not personalize your gift with decorative elements made in Italy?  Rossi has plenty to choose from with options ranging from monograms to letterpress boxed sets. And besides, having a beautiful box of Italian stationery close at hand is positively inspirational when you’re drafting dozens of thank-you notes.

The personalization gives a touch of class to the object you are going to give. Rossi has several unique variations of monogrammed stationery.

stationery box

paper box
Thank you cards, available with paper box reusable


letterpress pencil covered with decorated paper
Pen or pencil? Letterpress pencils of course. These pencils are hand-wrapped with Rossi’s unique letterpress paper


notebooks covered with decorative paper
Notepads and notebooks to always have everything perfectly organized. The typographic covers make them original and unique.


Details count, so don’t forget the finishing touch when wrapping those gifts and if you’re hosting the party, these papers can even be used to creatively decorate the table.  Here’s a peek at some that look congratulatory!

decorative paper decorative paper of various color gift wrap

Look for many more creative gift ideas on the Rossi1931 website.  And check in with your Rossi retailer; where you’ll find a great selection of decorative papers and gift ideas.

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