Choose your school notebook!

Do you need a fine stationery notebook?

No, we do not mean your electronic state of the art notebook that you use for Facebook, Excel and emails, we mean a paper notebook or journal. Ultimately, they are as useful as the machines.

Growing in popularity and usefulness over the years, Rossi1931 offers a large selection of varied styles and designs. Choose one to make a statement as unique as your personality.

notebook covered with decorated paper

Ideas to fill your notebook:

Notes in class

Grocery lists

Things to do

People to call

Research notes


Favorite songs to download

Sketches from art class

Political rantings



Bucket lists


colorful journals

The lists are endless……. and how do we live without them?

fine stationery notebook and more rossi1931

fine decorated stationery notebook

Choose your fine stationery notebook!

notebook with decorations



For more info on Rossi1931 Notebooks and Journals, go to



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