Rossi is Green Our Eco-friendly Italian Papers

Our new eco-friendly papers are made using process residues from organic products to replace up to 15% of virgin tree pulp.
By products from kiwi, almonds, citrus fruits, hazelnut and lavender which would normally be processed as fillers in animal food and fertilizers or simply dumped in landfill, are among the natural raw materials used.

Eco Friendly Italian Stationery

Elements of each different material are visible on the surface of the papers giving a distinctive texture and appearance.
The papers are FSC certified, contain 30% post-consumer recycled waste and are produced with 100% green energy.
The production process is protected by European patent.
Many of our new products are now environmentally friendly; something we are proud to promote. We are committed to making it easier and simpler for our customers to make smarter choices and to do the right thing for our earth. We hope, by conducting our business in more sustainable ways, to help preserve our environment for all future generations.

Here is a small sampling of our new eco-friendly products:

Fish Eco Friendly notebooks

These fish letterpress double cards with matching envelopes have been printed on an antique printing press. All are produced from high quality Italian cardboard made with algae. All illustrations are in a classic green color with hot gold foil and create unforgettable notes for sending. Matching tags available as well.

Eco Friendly Notebooks and Notepads
Eco Friendly Notebooks and Notepads

Eco-Friendly Italian papers

Shiro “Alga” is an Italian paper made from algae, which would otherwise clog up fragile marine areas, combined with FSC pulp.
Shiro “Alga” paper conforms to ISO 9706 requirements for performanence and is suitable for archival use or applications requiring “Acid Free” paper.
It is fully biodegradable and recyclable

Eco Friendly Classica Italiana Notebooks

Classica Italiana Letterpress stationery

These “old style” letterpress double cards with matching envelopes and luggage tags, have been printed on an antique printing press. All produced with high quality Italian cardboard and made using in part residues from organic products. Six exclusive vintage illustrations in classic green color and hot bronze foil, perfect for sending unforgettable notes.

Classica Italiana Letterpress Stationery

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