Decorative Papers Rossi1931 wrapping Cicada chocolate bars

Cicada Artisan Chocolate is an exquisite chocolate manufacturer based in Sydney, Australia.
Inspired by the slow food movement and a belief in ethically sourced produce, Cicada Chocolate was created to make delicious bean to bar chocolate without all the additives. Bean to bar chocolate refers to the creation of chocolate from the sourcing of the beans until the creation of the chocolate bar. The idea is simple – to make really good chocolate by sourcing their own cacao beans from plantations around the world and roasting, cracking, winnowing ( separating the bean from its cover) and refining the beans into a chocolate bar. Cicada prefers not to use many ingredients in their chocolate, instead relying on the natural superiority of flavor in their beans and their methods of extracting this flavor.

“Yes, we use the Rossi paper on our specialty bars”, states Katie Robb, managing director and owner of Cicada Chocolate.

Cicada Chocolate Bar Wrapping Rossi1931

“We first saw Rossi Paper in Italy when travelling and thought it was absolutely beautiful…. you simply cannot get paper of that quality really… anywhere else in the world. We buy direct from Rossi1931 in Italy, as we use a lot of paper! “

Decorative paper wrapping chocolate bar Cicada Australia
CRT 583 Poppies and CRT 517 Balloons decorative papers in the picture.

Katie tells the story of the beginning…. “Cicada started in 2008 after my partner and I went travelling through South America and saw how real chocolate was made from the cacao bean. We had never seen anything like that and thought it would be great to bring that method of bean to bar chocolate making back home to Australia. The name Cicada actually came from my childhood. I spent many days outside as a kid listening to the cicadas in the bush in Australia…. which always came out during the holiday season. As we use only natural ingredients in our products I wanted to link the name of the company with nature and the natural world and that’s when the name Cicada came to me.“

Their chocolate factory in Sydney is affectionately called ‘The bean stalk’.

Cicada chocolate factory in Sydney called The bean stalk

“We source our cacao beans from the very best single plantation farms from around the world. We pay well above the minimum fair trade price and source directly from individual farmers or co-ops. We believe that good chocolate shouldn’t be over processed and contain a long list of obscure ingredients. If it’s made with good beans and a good heart, it will taste great! All of our beans are sourced from reputable farmers and co-ops.”

Rossi1931 decorative papers wrapping chocolate flavoured bars

“We have an online shop but unfortunately at this stage we only send orders within Australia.
“We wholesale around the world. Some of our biggest customers are premium food retailers in Australia and Asia. We also have a large presence in Japan through HonTakasagoya Co.”

“If it’s made with good beans and a good heart, it will taste great! From bean to bar, join us for an adventure into the world of real chocolate.”
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