Damen – Papier Royaal

A shop for Paper Lovers, The Hague.

The Hague combines all the amenities of an international metropolis with the charm of a seaside resort town. Home to the Dutch government and the royal family, the third largest city in The Netherlands offers an array of attractions, ranging from fascinating museums to cool cafés and wondrous shops. One such store is Damen/Papier-Royaal: Founded in 1895, Damen/Papier-Royaal is a family-run stationery shop which has been supplying luxury writing and bookbinding materials for four generations.

Damen Papier Royaal A shop for Paper Lovers The Hague

“A delightful old fashioned store that sells exquisite handmade papers and gift wrap as well as covered notebooks.“
Lonely planet / Amsterdam.

Nicole and Robert Damen are the owners of Damen / Papier Royaal. Robert is a 4th generation shopkeeper. His great grandfather, Jacobus Johannes founded the stationary shop in April 1895. At one point the family specialized in books and business items, but during the last 25 years they have devoted this wonderful retail space to all types of stock papers, writing journals and bookbinding materials, decorative paper, (a lot of which is handmade) calendars and much more … almost all of it imported from throughout the world.
Robert and Nicole enjoy the rewards offered by being shop owners; “To be independent is the best lifestyle for my wife and me. And we love paper!”

Nicole and Robert Damen are the owners of Damen Papier Royaal

“In addition to a large inventory of Rossi1931 Decorative Paper, the shop carries brands like Rite in the Rain, Crown Mill, (Stationery) Exaclair and Rhodia ,(notebooks, business books) Filofax and Quo Vadis (datebooks) and brands like L!fe Tokyo. Our collection of Japanese paper is still growing.” And, relates Robert, “We offer a very special collection of Italian writing paper. For those who still wish to write a letter.”
They love Rossi1931… the paper, the designs;

“Rossi1931… we knew the name long ago and met them in Paperworld, Frankfurt more than 20 years ago.”

Rossi1931 Decorative Papers Cartavarese

“Rossi has still one of the best selections of designs. Customers love them”, says Robert.
“The feathers is one of the still going- strong papers.”

Rossi1931 fine italian decorative papers CRT 160
Feathers CRT 160

“We have our own studio where we make handmade boxes and books, (notebooks) all according to the wishes of the customer…some using Rossi1931 Papers. We also repair old / broken books.”

“In a small business like ours we need to bring (offer) special work for special occasions. People look for better quality books for writing their thoughts. We offer it to them.”

They carry papers from all over the world; India, Thailand, Japan, Italy, Bhutan and more.

For more information on DAMEN / PAPIER-ROYAAL
Noordeinde 186
2514 GR The Hague
Tel.: +31 (0) 70-360 01 66
Fax: +31 (0) 70-427 62 84
E-mail: damenkbh@planet.nl
Website: www.papier-royaal.nl

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