The Papery in Canada

There are 3 owners of The Papery in Canada and 4 stores. That does sound like a bit of a puzzle, doesn’t it?

The stores are in Ottawa, Victoria and two are in Toronto. Katherine Slack, owner of The Papery in Ottawa, explains:

“As to our story, well, it is a bit complicated! Each of the stores is independently owned but we are not a franchise. We share the rights to the name The Papery in Canada so any new store partner would need to be approved by the group, but that is about the extent of our cooperation currently. In the past we traveled overseas and did some buying and importing as a group, but once the founders retired we lost our central distribution hub! Some products will turn up in all the stores, but there is no guarantee on that. Each shop is tailored to its neighborhood and the disposition of the owner.”

The Papery notebooks by Rossi1931

“The founders, now retired, are Valerie Wright and Sylvia Rodgers. The four shops are mine in Ottawa, Marla Freedland‘s two in Toronto, and Michael Rodgers (who is the son of one of the founders)’ shop in Victoria.”

Puzzle solved!

The Papery Canada store for Rossi1931


All of The Papery stores carry a variety of quality stationery products, and fabulous gifts for every season and event. Products are winsome, creative, and always fresh and new. Notebooks, greeting cards, journals, day planners, wrapping paper, gift bags…and a Rossi presence is always on hand.

Come and see why customers describe the store as “The Happiest place in Victoria”, with “friendly staff”, “seriously gorgeous wrap”, and “always super handy for finding cards, packaging, and extra little presents for any occasion.”

I love Rossi for its elegance; and it is the wrapping paper that is the core of the Rossi we sell. The paper quality is excellent and our customers choose it for art as well as wrapping projects. We carry a lovely range of fabric ribbons that complement Rossi paper beautifully.”


The Papery fine Italian decorative papers by Rossi1931


Here are the various web site addresses: and on–line shop:


The Papery (Bank Street) Ltd.
850 Bank Street, Ottawa
Ontario Canada K1S 3W1
613-230-1313 1-888-268-8951
Fax 613-230-1317

The Papery 
Yonge Street, Toronto: 416-968-0706
Cumberland Street, Toronto: 416-962-3916

The Papery
669 Fort St, Victoria BC
V8W 1G6‎
(250) 382-1669                                                                                                                                                  

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