Rossi Paper Becomes Part of Historic Papal Event

An historic meeting between Pope Francesco and Benedetto XVI, took place in the library of the Apostolic Palace of Castel Gandolfo.  Among the gifts that Pope Francesco received was ​​a beautiful case created with a ROSSI decorative paper.


This decoration is the reproduction of an antique book that dates back to the 18th century called “Musical Principles” by Abbot Vincenzo Panerai, a florentine music teacher and choirmaster.

pope3“This rare original text is part of Rossi’s private collection and has been preserved for many years in the Rossi company archives,” said Mattia Rossi, head of sales and marketing for the company.  “We’re extremely proud and honored that it was chosen as part of this historic papal event. It so happens it is one of the more enduring styles (TSC 019) within Rossi’s decorative paper collection,” he added.


Mattia Rossi spoke about the Rossi archive and its importance to the company in a recent interview.  For more information, visit



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2 Responses
  1. Bonjour,
    J’avais affectivement remarqué que ce coffret cadeau offert par notre pape François à Benoit XVI était recouvert de papier Rossi …BRAVO !
    C’est un papier que j’ai moi même utilisé souvent.
    A suivre créativement et fidèlement,

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