Merry Christmas Gift Wrapping!

Christmas is approaching and it’s time to think about how you will wrap your wonderful gifts.

Choosing the perfect present for relatives and friends is always a dilemma. Is it better to buy an interesting book, a useful pair of gloves or a beauty accessory? Will you be able to wrap it properly and make a good impression?

The first impact is essential, even in a small gift. To demonstrate your love and impress the most important people in your life,it is important to select the best wrapping paper to differentiate your package under the Christmas tree. It isn’t required to be an artist, as using your creativity and imagination will be enough to do a great job. In addition, an elegant ribbon with some matching gift cards can make your box look exactly as you dreamed it to be.

Our wonderful decorative papers guarantee the stunning effect that you are looking for. Varying from marble designs to traditional Christmas papers, Rossi1931 products can adapt to the personality of whoever receives the gift making a positive impact.

Looking for some tips for your Christmas gift wrapping? Here are some ideas that will certainly help you get your presents ready.

1. Marbled Decorative Papers

Gift wrapping paper with marbled design by Rossi1931

Credits: Picture by Jane Means

The pastel-coloured marbled papers are unique wrappings for your gifts. The complex technique used for this masterpiece consists of making colours float on a liquid and later apply them on a sheet of fabric. As marble designs boast century-old origins, these artistic creations are suitable for history and art lovers. The ribbon can be adorned with charming trinkets such as faux flowers or pearls to enhance the beauty of the box.

2. Vintage Decorative Papers

Gift wrapping paper with vintage designs by Rossi1931

What’s the perfect wrapping paper for a young kid’s brand-new game? There is no doubt that choosing a vintage decorative paper with robots, airplanes or cars will make him happy. Rossi’s illustrations are inspired by old-fashioned items that still conserve an exceptional modern style. These objects are proposed with a contemporary interpretation and a shabby-chic finesse. The design can be used to wrap gifts with ribbons, bows, accessories in lace, faux wooden branches or glitter to make them look stunning.

3. Musical Score Decorative Papers

Gift wrapping paper for Christmas with music design by Rossi1931

Credits: Picture by Tsumagari

Does your friend love music? If so, we recommend wrapping your special souvenir with one of our musical score decorative papers.  Whether you choose our “Musical score by Pietro Mascagni”, “Musical Principles” or “Musical score by Antonio Vivaldi”, these elegant Rossi1931 wraps turn each present into a high-class piece of poetry. As the dominant colours of our paper are very pale, we suggest embellishing the box with a simple bright-red ribbon to colour up the precious classical designs.

4.  Cartavarese Decorative Papers

Christmas gift wrapping with Cartavarese Red Lion design by Rossi1931

Credits: Picture by Jonathan Wright and Company

Classic, sophisticated and beautiful, our “Lions rampant” Cartavarese decorative papers are suitable for expensive gifts to elegant friends.  This luxurious Florentine wrap presents an unmistakable Italian style.  It is one of Rossi’s favourite designs and it distinguishes itself with small repetitive decorations. This special red lion print is the protagonist of a simple design based on two colours, which can be perfectly adorned with a navy satin bow. The final luxurious effect is classily stunning.

5. Florentine Decorative Paper

Gift wrapping decorative paper for Christmas with Florentine arabesque designs by Rossi1931

Our finest selection of wraps includes some wonderful Florentine style papers that present arabesque motifs in various colours. The sources of inspiration of this glamorous design with golden details are both Italian and Oriental. A Christmas gift wrapped in a paper of this quality always looks splendid and shines in the middle of hundreds of other boxes. There is no need to add any other decoration to it, so a white or ivory ribbon is the ideal solution.

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