Calligraphy: alive and very well

Calligraphy, the art of beautiful hand lettering, dates back to 213 B.C. One might think that it would never survive the onslaught of modern day technology, but it is thriving in an environment of computer fonts.

Nowhere is it more apparent, than at Calligraphic Arts in Dallas, Texas. Susie-Melissa Cherry is known as one of the world’s foremost calligraphers and a mentor in her profession, creating artwork and designs for noteworthy clients such as Queen Elizabeth, Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, Louis Vuitton and a lengthy list of notables and businesses worldwide. Of course her local clients in the Dallas area and beyond feel extremely fortunate to have one of the best for their special lettering and design needs.

Any artist knows the importance of one’s canvas; Susie-Melissa especially loves the Italian made Rossi papers, “I love Rossi papers because they are perfect for lettering. They provide good clean lines and strokes. The papers hold the ink just the way I like to create bold, strong impressions.

It is especially great for colored inks.”
She has been a Rossi customer since 2008 and especially loves the Diploma Collection for its vegetable parchment. It’s a favorite for announcements and artwork.
She says her customers are “very hands on” and they choose Rossi for the unique classy designs and the look it creates, and,”they love the square envelopes.”
When not in her gorgeous store or design studio, she teaches calligraphy at a Dallas university. She has “between 40-50 students generally” and they love to use Rossi plain vegetable parchment paper because it “holds the ink so well.”

It’s only fitting that since calligraphy began with the Romans that Rossi Paper be the choice of artists like Susie-Melissa and others.

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