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What’s it like being a Rossi stationery rep? Janie Pival Walton, aka the Bainbridge Rep, has been a successful Rossi rep for almost 10 years, and says her background as a stationery store owner was pivotal in growing her territory. Here’s the straight scoop from Janie: 000_0493

“I grew up in the beautiful Northwest of the United States. My husband and I operated two office and stationery stores for eighteen years in Washington State while raising our four children. In 2004, after selling the stores, I began a small company to help local artists sell their work, especially greeting cards. Because of this, I was approached by a rep who asked if I would take over her lines on Bainbridge Island. Having dealt with sellers as a buyer in a store, I had an insight into selling that seems to serve me well. Thanks to the internet, my territory now extends to Washington State, Idaho, Alaska and Western Canada.

When my co-rep left the industry, she told me to keep the lines I wanted to handle. Rossi was a “no-brainer”. I was thrilled to represent this quality product. The designs, products, quality and price points have proven to be very well received in the right markets. Paper, stationery, arts, museums and creative crafting outlets love Rossi products. Once a customer has been introduced to the quality of Rossi products, they order from me on-line with every confidence that their selections will meet and exceed their expectations.quote 22

Customer requests and problems are handled with speedy dispatch, even though we deal with a time difference of nine hours. Early morning for me is the end of the day for Rossi. Through the internet, fax and occasional phone call, all orders, billing questions and other questions are routinely handled and returned to me within twenty-four hours. My needs as a rep are treated as importantly and professionally as those of the customers. The integrity of the Rossi family shines through in all aspects of its business.

bainbridge rep
Janie maintains a basic website that helps create awareness for her brands.

The shipping schedule from Italy gives me the freedom to work on orders on my own time, which I appreciate as I also am a music teacher part time in a small private school. I try to call on customers at least once a year to introduce the new products but otherwise keep in touch electronically. I choose my customers carefully and never try to oversell. They seem glad to hear from me that it’s time for another shipment! I appreciate that Rossi has never pressured me with quotas etc. and as a result, I have gradually but successfully grown my business.

I so appreciate the hard work and friendliness of everyone at Rossi. Their website, as well as their catalogs and samples aquote 11re invaluable. I have had many careers in my life including dairying, travel agent, teaching, fund raising, and store owner but none has been as personally rewarding to me as serving as the Bainbridge Rep, working for myself and presenting the opportunity for people to beautify their lives with Rossi products.”

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