Rossi 2020: Introducing our new products to the world

Trade fairs have always been an integral part of Rossi1931 to showcase our collections and introduce our newest products.

A few short weeks ago a total of 1,591 exhibitors from 69 countries presented their new ideas, designs and lifestyle range of goods for the coming season at the largest stationery marketplace in the world… Paperworld in Frankfort 2020.
30,723 (mostly) international visitors discovered product innovations in the areas of writing and drawing instruments, office supplies, gift items and packaging, as well as paper goods, greeting cards and high quality accessories.
At Ambiente, (just a few days after Paperworld), also in Frankfurt, exhibitors from 92 countries showcased lighting and kitchen trends, ceramics and home furnishings, stationery and gifts to 136,081 attendees, 78,000 of which were International.

With Paperworld and Ambiente behind us, we look forward to showcasing our new products, (as well as our entire line) at these upcoming trade shows for 2020:

  • NY NOW 2020

A trade fair (trade show, trade exhibition, or expo) is an exhibition organized so that companies in a specific industry can showcase and demonstrate their latest products and services, meet with industry partners and customers, study activities of rivals, and examine recent market trends and opportunities.  (Definition: Wikipedia)

Modern trade fairs follow in the tradition of fairs established in late medieval Europe such as the Champagne fairs, which linked European economies and showcased textiles, leathers, furs and spices. Craftsmen and growers travelled to towns for trading fairs, to sell and showcase their products.

From the late eighteenth century, industrial exhibitions in Europe and North America became more common reflecting engineering and technology in concurrence with the Industrial Revolution.
The concept of annual industry-wide trade shows gained popularity, spreading from European manufacturing centers to North America. By the 20th century, managing these shows became an industry unto itself, and permanent trade show grounds or convention centers were created as venues that featured a rotating calendar of trade shows.
In the 21st century, with the rapid industrialization of Asia, trade shows and exhibitions are now commonplace throughout the Asian continent, as well.

decorated envelopes

Commonalities of today’s trade shows:
Generally there is a central trade show floor with booths where people exhibit their goods (and sometimes services). Booths range from simple tables to elaborate constructions. Throughout the day, attendees are invited to participate in seminars for continuing education on matters relevant to the industry, trends, and success stories, lectures and how-to seminars. In addition, there are usually some keynote speakers, and social events in the evenings.
Trade fairs often involve a considerable investment in time and money by participating companies. The planning includes arranging meetings with other attendees or customers beforehand, and resources to follow up on opportunities that are created at the fair.  Costs include space rental, booth design and construction of trade show displays, telecommunications, travel, accommodations, and promotional literature and other items to hand  out to attendees.

decorated paper cards

Bernardo Lampredi, Rossi’s North American Export manager was in attendance at both the Ambiente and Paperworld trade fairs recently, tells us:

“Overall the shows went very well and we noticed more people than last year. We presented a total of 28 new paper designs:

From the “Decorative Papers Collections” 2020 catalogue:
CRT serie: items #186 through 193
TSC serie: items #072-081
LTP serie: #099-108
These designs have been printed on sheets, on both offset and letterpress techniques. CRT and TSC are printed in offset, with special techniques, and LTP in letterpress.
Some of the designs have been also replicated on stationery items.

The most successful line this year is, without a doubt, the stationery: notebooks, notepads, boxed cards and envelopes. (The collection from page 23 to 24 of the “ Stationery and Gift Item Collection” 2020 catalogue.)
Talking about last year collections, the Eco-friendly line, from page 16 to page 19 of the 2020 catalogue, introduced last year was very successful again .
The ‘not ordinary’ line for 2020, from page 08 to page 11 of the 2020 catalogue, certainly intrigued people… skull, brain, bat, etc., make this new collection unusual and trendy.
We also had very good reactions on the marbled journals, page 77, which have been introduced this year following the success we had, and are still having, with the marbled sheets. This is real marble technique, not printed.  Each sheet is done by hands mixing colors to obtain the marbled look.
In addition to all the above, the traditional designs such as the Florentine ones are still having great success and still make the Rossi Brand recognizable all over the world.”

boxed cards decorated with iconic animals decorative paper with variuos icons

“Trade-Fairs have always been an important consideration for our company to present our collections and our latest novelties in an environment that is functional yet detailed.
Our stands, planned consciously with open space, enable our visitors to move around easily among our displayed products.  We create a pleasant and informal environment where one can touch and evaluate all our resources.

In addition to some members of the Rossi family, qualified and multilingual personnel are always available to ensure maximum communication with our customers. Come see us…we would love to meet you.”

How exciting for all of us as consumers, to see the new innovative products in the stores in our own neighborhoods and online, in just a few short weeks after a trade show… Now you know, the inside scoop of where and how those products were introduced to the world.

Contact Rossi for this year’s catalogue.  Wholesale requests only.

To find Rossi products at a retailer near you, please contact us at indicating the city you live in. We will send you a list of your nearest retailers (these requests are processed weekly).

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