Mendocino Jams and Preserves

For over 46 years Mendocino Jams and Preserves has been making small batch gourmet Jams, Preserves, dessert sauces, chutney, condiments, and marmalade’s on the Mendocino coast in beautiful Northern California.    Our products have been sold exclusively in a converted early 20th century carriage house at the ocean end of Main Street in Mendocino, California. 

The quintessential northern California town of Mendocino is known for its natural beauty; rolling hills with sweeping views of the ocean, redwood forests and rivers, vineyards and beautiful vistas of distant mountains.

Here you will find Mendocino Jams and Preserves. Using only the finest and freshest ingredients…whole fruits and pure cane sugar, they have been making products in small batches for over 46 years. Sue Willard and her husband, Larry  run the store, “We were recruited 5 years ago from Arizona to manage the operations. Chef Andrew Wells oversees the making of the products…” from jams made with whole ripe fruit, pure lemon juice, natural fruit pectin and very little sugar, so they taste as close to fresh fruit as possible, to dessert sauces using the best chocolate, pure whole dairy cream, real butter, pure vanilla extract.” Also chutneys made with whole freshly grated ginger root, and fresh garlic to gourmet nut butters like the bestselling pistachio butter, using fresh California grown nuts.

multicolor decorative paper for food packaging

“We make Mendocino Jams and Preserves consistently the best, so that we can be proud to put our name on every jar. “

What they are also proud to put on every jar (or almost every jar), is Rossi Paper.


Sue tells us,

“We selected Rossi papers for our ‘toppers’ for our packaging.  We wanted the packaging for our products to express the quality contained within.  In our search for the finest topper paper available Rossi paper was the obvious choice.”

decorative paper for food packaging with green, red and yellow icon

“People rave about the quaint shop and lovely packaging.”

“We receive many unsolicited comments from our customers about our lovely packaging.  We believe the marriage between Rossi papers and Mendocino Jams and Preserves was a match made in heaven!” 

blue and green decorative paper for food packaging

Sue “found “Rossi at a Chicago trade show where she met Rossi’s West Coast sales rep Julie Griffin.

When asked about her favorite part of her job, she says “Making people happy with an excellent product and working in a beautiful setting.”

You can find great recipes using their products on their website at:

440 Main St
Mendocino, CA 95460
(707) 937-1037

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