The AD 1404 Charta Italica Collection from Rossi

stationery products with high alpha cellulose, in white and cream

There’s been an exciting rebranding of a line of Rossi products known previously in the US as Arturo. This collection is now AD 1404 Charta Italica, a very exclusive group of stationery products with a unique felt texture—referred to as Corona—produced solely for Rossi by the Cartiera Magnani mill. (More about this historic paper mill in a future post).

With 100% high alpha cellulose and neutral pH, it comes in white and cream, as well as pastel shades. Rossi is the only official distributor of the Cartiera Magnani products from Pescia.

What a delight – and an elegant statement— to write a thank-you note on these notecards!

multi-colored paper cards

Your first impression will be how thick and substantial this stationery is.  With any printed piece, the weight of the paper is a critical element and sets the proper tone for your event.  If it’s printed on paper that is light and thin, it could leave a less than desirable impression.

Your second impression might be how perfectly the square flap envelopes are converted and how meticulously packaged they are!

Speaking of packaging, two options are available:

  • Boxes of 100 pcs are ideal for the office or home in essential colors of white or cream, with a nice variety of card and note sizes.

  • And with the traveler in mind, a compact package containing 6 cards/6 envelopes, elegantly wrapped with natural twine, is also available. Just the perfect size to tuck in your suitcase for writing notes on-the-go!

packs of square envelopes of multiple colors


Both of these lines can be purchased contacting Rossi directly.

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