The Grand Cathedral Museum of Florence

A Unicum of art, faith and history

Reconstruction of Arnolfo di Cambio's facade
The reconstruction of Arnolfo di Cambio’s facade at the Opera del Duomo Museum

In Florence, on October 29, 2015 the spectacular Museum of the Opera del Duomo, where the largest collection of Florentine medieval and renaissance sacred sculptures in the world is preserved, opened after a two year major restoration. Preparing for a planned papal visit to Florence in early November, the “new” museum stresses the close connection between art and faith. Read More

Rossi1931 and UNIQLO

uniqlo rossi1931
Floral pattern from Florence

It’s a bit of a Tale of Two Cities, or rather two countries, Italy and Japan. But together, Rossi and Uniqlo have executed a co-operative effort of design, and it won’t be long before this window in the NYC Global Flagship store of Uniqlo will be graced with private label designs from Rossi1931.  Read More

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