The Pietro Mascagni Collection

Pietro Mascagni was an Italian composer most noted for his operas in the style of Verismo, an opera marked by melodramatic plots with characters drawn from everyday life where the subjects are not mythological figures, or kings and queens, but average contemporary men and women and their problems. Considered a virtuoso of his times, he wrote 14 operas and operettas, symphonies and soundtracks for the cinema and toured all over the world. A true divo, he was an ingenious and eclectic composer, open minded to every change and innovation. (more…)



When Andrea and Bruno Valdettaro grew up in Peru, beautiful paper was nowhere to be found. Fast forward a few years and this enterprising brother and sister team has finally found lots of beautiful paper…. and brought it to Peru. In August of 2013, they founded Arte Cartaria(more…)

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