Central Avenue, heading west from downtown St. Petersburg between 16th and 31st Streets, is the Grand Central District – a thriving designated “Main Street Community” and one of Florida’s newest design districts, with galleries, unique shops and restaurants. Its mission is to create a sense of identity within a mixed-use community and provide on-going economic development. It is also the home of the USA wholesale warehouse and distribution for Rossi1931.
Today, we are very pleased to let our customers and reps in the US and Canada know that as of now, it is possible to place orders from our Florida warehouse on line. Read More

Wrapping Up Father’s Day

With Father’s Day just around the corner (June 16 to be exact), have you shopped for those gifts yet?  And what about the finishing touch: gift-wrapping?  Even Dads appreciate the thought that goes into a beautifully wrapped package.

Rossi is not one to leave the men out, so with that in mind, we selected several decorative papers—definitely on the more manly side—to consider as you wrap up those neckties, fishing poles, and other Dad’s day gift items.

Father's Day + Flag Day (June 14) go hand in hand!
Perfect Match:  Father’s Day + Flag Day (June 14) go hand in hand!
Bold vintage travel labels would make anyone want to take a trip.
Bold vintage travel labels would make anyone want to take a trip.
Here's the masculine version of the popular fashion series - also a big hit
Here’s the masculine version of Rossi’s popular fashion series – also a big hit
Hints of Wall Street
In the news: Hints of Wall Street and New York Times
More travel
Subway maps, passport stamps and tickets blend together on a sea of blue.

Those were just a few examples of decorative papers from the more than 250 designs that Rossi manufactures.  Many more possibilities can be viewed in this Rossi video or the website.  To see in person, check out the selection in the retail stores that carry Rossi.

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