Boxes and Dresses and Rossi, Oh My.

Amaca’s pop up stores featuring printed designs from Rossi, have an added element of design: new Rossi designer boxes.
Some of the most famous floral designs of Rossi 1931, were used in the creation of the 2016 Spring & Summer AMACA (by Sanyo Shokai) collection. Now, in their retail pop-up boutiques, are additional design features: boxes made from popular Rossi designs by Kyoto artisan box maker, Box and Needle. (more…)

paper republic australia rossi 1931 italian stationary

Paper Republic

Paper Republic offers high quality artisan products from all corners of the globe, in harmony with Australian designed and produced items which support local artists. We regularly travel the world to source new and interesting items from Europe and North America and bring them back to Melbourne.


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