May the force be with you. (The sales force, that is.)

The expression, “it takes a village “, not only applies to raising children, but getting a product such as Rossi Fine Papers into the hands of the consumer, as well. This village happens to be scattered from Italy across continents, but nonetheless, not unlike a close knit community. Rossi sales representatives are an integral part of getting those gorgeous products from their printing dept to the retailer and ultimately to the consumer.


What a lot of people don’t know is how it’s done!

Step one, is that Rossi management hires a “rep” or representative in a certain geographical region to show their products to appropriate local retailers. That representative will be the eyes, ears and mouth (and big fans!) of the company…and often for the retailer. They show the Rossi product line to new customers or “prospects” and offer promotions, share upcoming events, and introduce new designs and product to established customers. They sit with the store’s buyer and show the portfolios (or catalogues) and product. In turn, this is where the retailer gets to see, touch and discover the quality of the products, something they could never do, unless they are traveling within the Florence area or to a trade show.

A good sales rep will share what the best sellers in the line are; suggest colors or schemes/themes based on the look and ambiance of the store and its type of customer base: is it an upscale neighborhood where locals entertain a lot? Is it a destination store for parties or wedding invitations ? Do customers run in to grab a quick gift or a greeting card? A sales rep is really the consultant for the retailer and the ambassador for the manufacturer. They truly wear 2 hats. In turn, they take any requests, concerns or ideas for new designs, new colors, trends, back to Rossi or other manufactures.   They will keep the retailers informed of certain trends they have seen in the marketplace (that perhaps the store owner has not been introduced to, as yet).

They write orders in the store, process them in their office or showroom, and forward them to Rossi, whose order fulfillment team takes it from there.

Without these “nomads” who generally work long hours and drive many miles, it would be a much more difficult task to get fine paper and products like Rossi’s into the hands of consumers to be enjoyed and shared.  In the end, the rewards in representing the fine products of Rossi and others are truly worth it. It really does take a village!

US warehouse Rossi 1931

Interested in becoming a Rossi rep?

We are looking for independent reps with experience in stationery/gifts in the following areas : NJ, GA, FL and in Canada the Toronto area. 


Sun, Sand and … Stationery

Have you ever needed something for a customer shipped really quickly?  Did you know that Rossi has a US distribution center in Florida that can ship out products on the next day? 

For over a year, a distribution center in Brooksville, Florida, has been shipping Rossi products to retailers around the US and Canada.  This arrangement has drastically improved turnaround times for many popular items commonly ordered here in the US.

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About 110 items are currently inventoried there with more being added continually.  The selection of the skus was initially based on which styles had sold best in the US market, and subsequently new items that have proven successful have been added.  These include the most popular US items within the boxed stationery, decorative papers, and notebooks product lines.

Enhancing service was the initial goal of the distribution operation. Mattia Rossi, head of sales for Rossi said, “When we first started to talk about a warehouse the idea was to somehow “shorten” the distance between Italy and the US.”   He added, “Today’s consumer is accustomed to immediate gratification, so fulfilling orders —quickly and cost-effectively— with “in between” shipments from Florida has definitely supported those retailers.”

Turnaround time is indeed better. Orders are immediately processed at the distribution center and are usually shipped the next day, helping retailers meet the demands of their customers who have come to rely on quick service.  Orders can be placed via dedicated phone, fax, or a downloadable form which can then be emailed.

Of course, orders can still be placed through Italy for these items.  More than anything, the additional shipping option complements the shipments from Italy. What could formerly take over two weeks to ship and deliver from Florence, can now be delivered in as little as a few days.

Large retailers as well as smaller retailers have benefitted from the arrangement.  As a result, reaching smaller customers who would ordinarily never purchase from overseas manufacturers, has occurred.

There are several ways to place your orders: the warehouse has a dedicated phone: 352-428-2030 and a fax for customers to send their orders: 813-433-2577.  A representative can take orders over the phone and answer your questions.

There is also a website just for the warehouse:  where you can view the warehouse catalog and download an order form.

The AD 1404 Charta Italica Collection from Rossi

There’s been an exciting rebranding of a line of Rossi products known previously in the US as Arturo. This collection is now AD 1404 Charta Italica, a very exclusive group of stationery products with a unique felt texture—referred to as Corona—produced solely for Rossi by the Cartiera Magnani mill. (More about this historic paper mill in a future post).

With 100% high alpha cellulose and neutral pH, it comes in white and cream, as well as pastel shades. Rossi is the only official distributor of the Cartiera Magnani products from Pescia.


What a delight – and an elegant statement— to write a thank-you note on these notecards!

Your first impression will be how thick and substantial this stationery is.  With any printed piece, the weight of the paper is a critical element and sets the proper tone for your event.  If it’s printed on paper that is light and thin, it could leave a less than desirable impression.

Your second impression might be how perfectly the square flap envelopes are converted and how meticulously packaged they are!

Speaking of packaging, two options are available:

  • Boxes of 100 pcs are ideal for the office or home in essential colors of white or cream, with a nice variety of card and note sizes.

  • And with the traveler in mind, a compact package containing 6 cards/6 envelopes, elegantly wrapped with natural twine, is also available. Just the perfect size to tuck in your suitcase for writing notes on-the-go!

A rainbow of pastel shades

Both of these lines can be purchased either from Orange Art, in the US, or by contacting Rossi directly.

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Rossi Paper Becomes Part of Historic Papal Event

An historic meeting between Pope Francesco and Benedetto XVI, took place in the library of the Apostolic Palace of Castel Gandolfo.  Among the gifts that Pope Francesco received was ​​a beautiful case created with a ROSSI decorative paper.


This decoration is the reproduction of an antique book that dates back to the 18th century called “Musical Principles” by Abbot Vincenzo Panerai, a florentine music teacher and choirmaster.

pope3“This rare original text is part of Rossi’s private collection and has been preserved for many years in the Rossi company archives,” said Mattia Rossi, head of sales and marketing for the company.  “We’re extremely proud and honored that it was chosen as part of this historic papal event. It so happens it is one of the more enduring styles (TSC 019) within Rossi’s decorative paper collection,” he added.


Mattia Rossi spoke about the Rossi archive and its importance to the company in a recent interview.  For more information, visit



Sneak Peek: Decorative Papers

Rossi’s newest collection of decorative papers has launched!  This standout Italian collection is as tactile as it is visual, with a huge array of subjects, patterns, and color palettes.

It’s often the little details that add up to big impact: small hits of brilliant gold and silver metallic ink, finely detailed and multi-layered illustrations, delicate flourishes and stunning patterns and colors.

From Art Nouveau flowers to vintage numbers, the range is stunning
From Art Nouveau flowers to vintage numbers, something for everyone

To achieve such a wide range of saturated colors and incredible color registration, considerable technical skill is required.  These are the details that would challenge any pressman!

Be it weddings, showers, or bar mitzvahs, these patterns are big, bold, and contemporary.
This is gift wrapping luxury, be it weddings, showers, birthdays, or  bar mitzvahs
A hint of gold metallic among the flourishes
A hint of gold metallic among the flourishes (you won’t find these at Wal-Mart!)

Two sizes are available: 28 x 40 and 20 x 28, as well as new collage sets containing an assortment of sheets.  Perfect for scrapbooking, decoupage, handmade cards, and school projects.

You’ll want these decorative papers right away!  Keep in mind, a large selection of Rossi papers are now stocked stateside in Florida, making shipping and delivery a breeze throughout the US. For a list of retailers carrying Rossi papers, please click here.

For more information, visit

Rossi 1931 Launches New Blog

Italy-based Rossi 1931 has launched a social media program designed to provide timely, educational resources for consumers and retailers, as well as its international sales team.

The “Italian Stationery Blog” is being developed as a primary communication tool for Rossi’s social media efforts. The blog will feature customer profiles, company news and updates, and will share ideas and inspiration from projects using Rossi papers.

Mattia Rossi, Sales and Marketing Manager for Rossi said: “We recognize that more than 90% of internet users regularly visit social media networking sites. We hope to engage our customers on our blog with conversation, stimulate discussions and questions, and showcase all the great work that our customers do.”

Rossi’s many excellent retailers are listed separately on the US Retailers page.

For a video of Rossi’s paper collection, visit:

For more information, visit:




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