Boxes and Dresses and Rossi, Oh My.

Amaca’s pop up stores featuring printed designs from Rossi, have an added element of design: new Rossi designer boxes.
Some of the most famous floral designs of Rossi 1931, were used in the creation of the 2016 Spring & Summer AMACA (by Sanyo Shokai) collection. Now, in their retail pop-up boutiques, are additional design features: boxes made from popular Rossi designs by Kyoto artisan box maker, Box and Needle. (more…)


The Maestro behind the Italian Beauty Film: Luca Palatresi

When he was 17, Luca Palatresi bought his first SLR camera. His passion was in observing people…the faces surrounding his world and fantasizing about the hypothetical vs the reality of their stories.  (more…)

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