Rossi1931: Gift Wrap Chronicles

Although the tradition of gift giving has a long Christmas history, those gifts being presented in colorful paper and tied up in curls of ribbon is a relatively new practice. While Christmas cards began to be sent in the mid-nineteenth century it wasn’t until many years later that dressing up presents in Christmas finery caught on.

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Boxes and Dresses and Rossi, Oh My.

Amaca’s pop up stores featuring printed designs from Rossi, have an added element of design: new Rossi designer boxes.
Some of the most famous floral designs of Rossi 1931, were used in the creation of the 2016 Spring & Summer AMACA (by Sanyo Shokai) collection. Now, in their retail pop-up boutiques, are additional design features: boxes made from popular Rossi designs by Kyoto artisan box maker, Box and Needle. Read More

AD 1404 Charta Italica

AD 1404 papers, are soft, felted-textured papers (referred to as Corona) made for Rossi by Cartiera Magnani. AD 1404 features a subtle deckle and a range of cream, white and pastel colors. In flat and folded cards, card sets, and envelopes.  Read More

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